Node.js 入门手册:那些最流行的 Web 开发框架

简介:   这篇文章与大家分享最流行的 Node.js Web 开发框架。Node 是一个服务器端 JavaScript 解释器,它将改变服务器应该如何工作的概念。它的目标是帮助程序员构建高度可伸缩的应用程序,编写能够处理数万条同时连接到一个(只有一个)物理机的连接代码。

  这篇文章与大家分享最流行的 Node.js Web 开发框架。Node 是一个服务器端 JavaScript 解释器,它将改变服务器应该如何工作的概念。它的目标是帮助程序员构建高度可伸缩的应用程序,编写能够处理数万条同时连接到一个(只有一个)物理机的连接代码。



  • actionHero — actionHero is a minimalist transactional API framework for sockets and http clients
  • archetype — A web framework leveraging Node.js
  • aries — Annotation based MVC framework
  • blueprint — Blueprint for a Startup. Middleware, & MVC routing over Node.js & Mongoose
  • broke — A porting of the most famous Django Web Framework
  • Capsela — A high-level, promises-based web framework with an emphasis on testability (see website)
  • Cargobox — Express port with better OOP
  • chain — An evented convention for building Node Applications (Stopped Development, for ejsgi)
  • Coffeemate — Push coffee-script into web development!
  • COKE — A lightweight MVC framework base on Express that speeds up your web development. (Rails like)
  • CompoundJS (formerly RailwayJS) — An MVC web framework, similar to Ruby on Rails, Express/Connect-compatible. Also see here.
  • Crux — An MVC web application framework and project management utility, similar in some ways to Rails.
  • Derby — MVC framework making it easy to write realtime, collaborative applications that run in both Node.js and browsers
  • djangode — A framework that borrows some useful concepts from Django (March 2010, node.JS 0.1.30)
  • drty — A Django port to NodeJS. Many Django features, still under heavy development. (January, 2011, 0.2.6)
  • Drumkit --- DrumKit is a plugin-powered, full-stack Web development framework for Node.js.
  • Express — A robust feature rich web development framework inspired by Sinatra
  • Express Train — An lightweight MVC web framework built on top of express, offering consistent project structure.
  • Ext Core for NodeJS — Templating and some basic tricks of ExtCore and ExtJS(XTemplate,Ext.util.format)
  • Flatiron — an adaptable framework for building modern web applications. URL Routing with Director, templating with Plates, data management with Resourceful, middleware with Union (connect-compatible), plugins with Broadway, logging with Winston.
  • Geddy — A hackable Web-app development framework similar to Merb/Rails/Pylons/Django
  • GenJi — A simple micro-framework for nodejs.
  • Grasshopper — A feature-rich and flexible MVC framework for web applications and services, with integrated dependency injection.
  • hapi - A rich framework for building web applications and services. hapi is a simple to use configuration-centric framework with built-in support for input validation, caching, authentication, and other essential facilities. hapi enables developers to focus on writing reusable application logic instead of spending time building infrastructure. The framework supports a powerful plugin architecture for pain-free and scalable extensibility.
  • Impress — Totalitarian style multipurpose application server and web framework with multiple hosts and ports, filesystem based routing, db access, clustering, proxying, memory caching, templating and much more.
  • JaxServer — Application server and framework with template and css engines
  • jimi — A framework for writing modular web applications in node.js (tutorial)
  • josi — An MVC web framework that's easy to pick up but doesn't get in the way. Also see here
  • Kassit — rapid building of client-side AJAX applications using Backbone and CoffeeScript
  • Katana — Easy to use, modular web framework for any Node.js samurai
  • Kiss.js — Web framework for node.js in CoffeeScript. Object-oriented, simple and sexy.
  • Locomotive — Effective MVC web development for Node.js inspired by Ruby on Rails
  • merlin — Object-oriented MVC framework relying on a robust set of conventions to minimize code. Also ships with optional plugins providing basic CMS-like functionality.
  • Meryl — Minimalist web framework! See wiki
  • Mojito — An MVC framework and JavaScript library for building full-featured, device-independent HTML5 applications running on both client (browser) and server (Node.js). See the Mojito Documentation Directory for more information.
  • Monorail.js — Ultra leightweight MVC web framework.
  • N-Ext — Ext.core, Ext.util and packages in your NodeJS apps (includes a MongoDB proxy based on node-mongodb-native)
  • nCombo — A client-server framework for building rich cloud applications
  • node-extjs — Run ExtJS4 data models on Node.js
  • nodemachine — A port of WebMachine to Node.js
  • nodepress — High-level web framework for nodejs, can be used as a blog by default
  • Omni.js — A framework for building realtime apps with Backbone.js. Automatically propagates models/collections to the client.
  • partial.js - Web application framework (MVC, REST) for node.js / NO DEPENDENCIESinspired by ASP.MVC & RAZOR
  • PieJS — A rapid development MVC framework. Inspired and similar in style/convention to CakePHP. In very active development.
  • pintura — REST-based web framework/middleware stack built for Ajax-style JSON-driven applications
  • pomelo - A fast, scalable, distributed game server framework. Also suitable for realtime web.
  • Protos — Web Application Framework for Node.js
  • QuickWeb — An application server for Node.js
  • rAppid:js - A declarative JS RIA MVC Framework, supporting XAML, Bindings, Dependency Injection, custom Components
  • Sails.js — A realtime MVC framework, based on Express and, featuring an ORM with support for Mongo, MySQL, Postgres, Redis, and others.
  • Sayndo — Fast and flexible web server with customized routing and authorization
  • Seek — Small Javascript Web framework - mostly for learning purpose
  • simpleS — Simple HTTP(S) Server (designed to be All-In-One) with routing, static files service, response compression and WebSocket implementation (version 13, RFC 6455). Good Documentation
  • SocketStream — A fast full-stack real-time web framework for single-page apps
  • spludo — A full featured web framework. Fully Async + MVC with DI, AOP and Storages. (tutorial + user-guide)
  • Stick — A modular JSGI middleware composition layer and application framework
  • Tachi - A compact, stand-alone, MVC-based rapid web app development framework.
  • Tower — Small components for building apps, manipulating data, and automating a distributed infrastructure.
  • webjs — Simple HTTP / TCP development framework
  • websvr — A simple web server, implement HttpModule(filter) and HttpHandler(servlet), autorecover user session when run into problems.
  • Zeppelin — An early stage, low friction cloud development framework
  • TrinteJS — An MVC web framework,, Express/Connect-compatible backed by Cross-db ORM CaminteJS and Bootstrap.
  • node-express-mongoose - A simple MVC approach for building web applications utilizing the full power of express and mongoose (demo app)




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