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简介: 关于Visual Studio 2013 编译 multi-byte character set MFC程序出现 MSB8031 错误的解决办法 Visual Studio 2013 编译旧的 multi-byte character set MFC 出现 错误 1 error MSB8031:...

关于Visual Studio 2013 编译 multi-byte character set MFC程序出现 MSB8031 错误的解决办法

Visual Studio 2013 编译旧的 multi-byte character set MFC 出现

错误 1 error MSB8031: Building an MFC project for a non-Unicode character set is deprecated. You must change the project property to Unicode or download an additional library. See http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?LinkId=286820 for more information. C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft.Cpp\v4.0\V120\Microsoft.CppBuild.targets 369 5 

原来是VS2013把 multi-byte character set 支持移除了

MFC support for MBCS deprecated in Visual Studio 2013

Hello, I’m Pat Brenner, a developer on the Visual C++ Libraries team. In this blog post I want to share some information about the Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) Library, and in particular the support of the multi-byte character set (MBCS) in MFC.

MFC has many features that support building desktop apps, and MFC has supported both Unicode and MBCS for many years. However, because Unicode is so popular, and because our research shows significantly reduced usage of MBCS, we are deprecating MBCS support in MFC for Visual Studio 2013. This keeps MFC more closely aligned with the Windows SDK itself, because many of the newest controls and messages are Unicode only. A warning to this effect has been added to MFC, so when an application is built using MBCS, a deprecation warning is issued. This warning can be eliminated by adding the NO_WARN_MBCS_MFC_DEPRECATION preprocessor definition to your project build definitions.

MFC is a very large library and its binary components (static and dynamic libraries and PDBs) form a large part of the total size of the Visual C++ product. The size of the MFC libraries substantially increases both download size and install time (in full install and update scenarios). In part this is because there are so many flavors of the MFC libraries: Debug/Release, Unicode/MBCS, Static/Dynamic. To address this, the MBCS libraries will only be available via a separate download, which is available here.

The goal is to remove MBCS support entirely in a subsequent release. MFC would then support only Unicode. We are interested in hearing feedback about this decision, so if you have comments, please take the time to leave a response to this article. Are you using MBCS in MFC? If so, what is the reason, and is there a reason you have not converted your application to Unicode?

We’re committed to supporting MFC and making sure that applications built with MFC will run on future Windows platforms. I hope you find this information useful and reassuring.

Pat Brenner, Visual C++ Libraries Development Team
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Multibyte MFC Library for Visual Studio 2013

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