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简介: mc安装和环境配置



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The MinIO Client mc command line tool provides a modern alternative to UNIX commands like ls, cat, cp, mirror, and diff with support for both filesystems and Amazon S3-compatible cloud storage services.

The mc commandline tool is built for compatibility with the AWS S3 API and is tested with MinIO and AWS S3 for expected functionality and behavior.

MinIO provides no guarantees for other S3-compatible services, as their S3 API implementation is unknown and therefore unsupported. While mc commands may work as documented, any such usage is at your own risk.

mc has the following syntax:

  See Command Quick Reference for a list of supported commands.


mc is AGPLv3 licensed Free and Open Source (FOSS) software.

Applications integrating mc may trigger AGPLv3 compliance requirements. MinIO Commercial Licensing is the best option for applications which trigger AGPLv3 obligations where open-sourcing the application is not an option.

Version Alignment with MinIO Server

The MinIO Client releases separately from the MinIO Server.

For best functionality and compatibility, use a MinIO Client version released closely to your MinIO Server version. For example, a MinIO Client released the same day or later than your MinIO Server version.

You can install a version of the MinIO Client that is more recent than the MinIO Server version. However, if the MinIO Client version skews too far from the MinIO Server version, you may see increased warnings or errors as a result of the differences. For example, while core S3 APIs around copying (mc cp) may remain unchanged, some features or flags may only be available or stable if the client and server versions are aligned.


mc是MinIO的客户端,可以用于管理minio和aws s3。不完全兼容其他S3存储服务。不过对于咱们管理S3和minio来说,已经完全足够。


  • Linux

    • 64-bit Intel

      curl \
      --create-dirs \
      -o $HOME/minio-binaries/mc

      chmod +x $HOME/minio-binaries/mc
      export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/minio-binaries/

      mc --help

      ><span style="color: red;">我实际在机器上的命令代码</span>
      curl --create-dirs -o mc
      chmod +x mc
      mv mc /usr/bin/mc
      mc --help
        mc - MinIO Client for object storage and filesystems.                            
        mc [FLAGS] COMMAND [COMMAND FLAGS | -h] [ARGUMENTS...]                           
        alias      manage server credentials in configuration file                       
        ls         list buckets and objects                                              
        mb         make a bucket                                                         
        rb         remove a bucket                                                       
        cp         copy objects                                                          
        mv         move objects                                                          
        rm         remove object(s)                                                      
        mirror     synchronize object(s) to a remote site                                
        cat        display object contents                                               
        head       display first 'n' lines of an object                                  
        pipe       stream STDIN to an object                                             
        find       search for objects                                                    
        sql        run sql queries on objects                                            
        stat       show object metadata                                                  
        tree       list buckets and objects in a tree format                             
        du         summarize disk usage recursively                                      
        retention  set retention for object(s)                                           
        legalhold  manage legal hold for object(s)                                       
        support    support related commands                                              
        license    license related commands                                              
        share      generate URL for temporary access to an object                        
        version    manage bucket versioning                                              
        ilm        manage bucket lifecycle                                               
        encrypt    manage bucket encryption config                                       
        event      manage object notifications                                           
        watch      listen for object notification events                                 
        undo       undo PUT/DELETE operations                                            
        anonymous  manage anonymous access to buckets and objects                        
        tag        manage tags for bucket and object(s)                                  
        diff       list differences in object name, size, and date between two buckets   
        replicate  configure server side bucket replication                              
        admin      manage MinIO servers                                                  
        update     update mc to latest release                                           
        ready      checks if the cluster is ready or not                                 
        ping       perform liveness check                                                
        od         measure single stream upload and download                             
        batch      manage batch jobs                                                     
      GLOBAL FLAGS:                                                                      
        --autocompletion              install auto-completion for your shell             
        --config-dir value, -C value  path to configuration folder (default: "/root/.mc")
        --quiet, -q                   disable progress bar display                       
        --no-color                    disable color theme
    • 64-bit PPC

      curl \
      --create-dirs \
      -o ~/minio-binaries/mc
      chmod +x $HOME/minio-binaries/mc
      export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/minio-binaries/
      mc --help
    • ARM64

      curl \
      --create-dirs \
      -o ~/minio-binaries/mc
      chmod +x $HOME/minio-binaries/mc
      export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/minio-binaries/
      mc --help
  • macOs
    brew install minio/stable/mc
    mc --help
  • Windows

    Open the following file in a browser:
    Execute the file by double clicking on it, or by running the following in the command prompt or powershell:
    \path\to\mc.exe --help
    添加 mc.exe 到环境变量中,然后在命令行中执行
    mc --help

    Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "" -OutFile "C:\Windows\mc.exe"

    mc --help

  • Source

    Installation from source is intended for developers and advanced users and requires a working Golang environment. See How to install Golang.

    Run the following commands in a terminal environment to install mc from source:

    go install




假定 minio-server已经启动
Minio API访问地址为:
预计设置的别名为 minio

bash +o history
mc alias set minio user password
bash -o history


mc admin info minio

# 输出结果如下
   Uptime: 1 month 
   Version: 2023-09-23T03:47:50Z
   Network: 1/1 OK 
   Drives: 1/1 OK 
   Pool: 1

   1st, Erasure sets: 1, Drives per erasure set: 1

33 GiB Used, 5 Buckets, 55 Objects
1 drive online, 0 drives offline



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