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bigbluebutton 安装出错? 400 报错

爱吃鱼的程序员 2020-06-03 16:36:32 133

bigbluebutton 安装出错? 400 报错

安装完 执行bbb-conf -c   出现如下的问题  请教大家 该怎么解决呢 

** Potential problems described below **
# Not Running:  OpenOffice redis-server bbb-record-core

#  This server could not connect to BigBlueButton through
#  If you are setting up BigBlueButton behind a firewall, see the FAQ
#  for steps to setup BigBlueButton behind a firewall.

Connection to 1935 port [tcp/macromedia-fcs] succeeded!
Connection to 9123 port [tcp/*] succeeded!
/usr/local/bin/bbb-conf: line 1210: dpkg: command not found
/usr/local/bin/bbb-conf: line 1211: dpkg: command not found

# You don't have either bbb-freeswitch-config or bbb-voice-conference
# installed.  Install one of these packages, then run sudo bbb-conf --clean

/usr/local/bin/bbb-conf: line 1219: dpkg: command not found
/usr/local/bin/bbb-conf: line 1241: dpkg: command not found
cat: /usr/local/bigbluebutton/core/scripts/slides.yml: 没有那个文件或目录
/usr/local/bin/bbb-conf: line 1262: [: !=: unary operator expected
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  • 爱吃鱼的程序员
    2020-06-03 20:50:01

    补充一下  我用的系统是 centos 5######你要不要用centos6.3的系统来安装一下?这各有挑战性!

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