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Storage Portfolio:Oracle is a Storage Company

Not all data is created equal. As data ages it is not utilized as often and so it makes pure financial sense to offload less accessed data to cheaper storage media and it can improve performance of the overall system when your primary systems are not weighted down by stale data. The alignment of different categories of data to different types of storage media directly reduces cost and effectively manages large volumes of data. To meet those intensive data demands, tiered storage is a critical approach for storage success. Tiered storage aligns the value of your data assets with the most appropriate storage media in order to reduce cost and effectively manage data throughout it’s lifecycle. Software… PRIMARY High-performance apps. Mission-critical databases Consolidation Flash Storage Disk Storage Hybrid Storage Analytics SECONDARY Fixed Content Serving E-mail and Collaboration Business Continuity NEAR-LINE STORAGE Video, Medical, Legal Deep Archives Tape Libraries Tape Drives/Media Disaster Recovery Flash Storage World’s fastest, most efficient Flash Array Sun F5100 Flash Array Over 1 million IOPS in 1RU (1.75 inches)Equivalent of 3000 FC Disk drives in 1RU Up to 1.92TB of flash storage capacity, uses only 300 watts of power Accelerate database performance by 2x, while reducing energy consumption by up to 100x Unified Storage: 7000 series Best Storage Efficiency Only Storage Appliance with Hybrid Storage Pools (HSPs) Data is intelligently and automatically migrated between DRAM, Flash and Disk Continuously optimizes storage system performance and efficiency Simplifies management, transparently managed as a single storage pool ”…Hybrid Storage Pools provide quite a lot of cache-speed (or near cache-speed) access to our Oracle data…HSPs were very important in our decision to go forward with the purchase of those machines.” - David Robillard, UNIX team leader & Oracle DBA, Notarius Unified Storage: 7000 series Best Analytics Only Storage Appliance with DTrace Analytics Automatic real-time visualization ofapplication and storage related workloads Simple yet sophisticated instrumentationprovides real-time comprehensive analysis Supports multiple simultaneous applicationand workload analysis in real-time Analysis can be saved, exported andreplayed for further analysis FC Arrays: 6000 seriesTarget these customer business benefits Improve Productivity – Drive Top-Line Growth Real-world performance drives faster applications for improved productivity More performance per drive = less cost for power, cooling, acquisition, service and management On-the-fly reconfigurations with data protection and a HA architecture maximize business opportunities Scale without Sacrifice Efficient disk IOPS that scale linearly Balanced performance excels in mixed workloads (IOPS and MB/s) Best-in-Class Investment Protection Deploy with Confidence Field proven, battle hardened - 7th Generation Architecture Oracle Certified, Tested and Supported Deployed by over 10,000 enterprises globally Oracle TapeValue Proposition Best TCO and Investment Protection Seamless, automated tiered architecture with VSM and SAM lowers storage costs Best consolidation capabilities with the only true mixed media support – Any Cartridge, Any Slot Only vendor with up to 4 generations of media re-use Highest Scalability Modular architecture with unprecedented performance and capacity (5X IBM) Best Reliability and Availability Only vendor with hot-replaceable robotics and electronics Ranked #1 in Quality & Reliability by Storage Magazine Best TCOOracle’s Multi-tiered Solution Delivers >50% Better TCO “Our return on investment is instant, because it would have cost us $14 million to make videotape copies. The Sun solution is saving us $6 million. We plan to completely replace and recycle existing tapes every three years, and even doing that, this solution is far less expensive than any other." - Sam Gustman, CTO, USC SHOAH Foundation Highest ScalabilityOracle StorageTek Libraries Scale 5X the Competition “The SL8500 that we have today is the maximum in a single frame, but the SL8500 works where you can stack them side by side and the (tape) can actually go from one frame to another,” State of Tennessee’s Max Arnold said. “So it’s hugely scalable.” – Storage Magazine, Sep. '09 So, instead of keeping your growing database on a single tier of storage, Oracle is able to move the data to the most appropriate storage tier and we have both the software and hardware capabilities to bring you the entire solution from a single vendor. And because the tools you use are inherent to the database today you can do it all non-disruptively. Using Oracle ILM with partitioniong, Oracle DB will run faster with much lower cost. Cost savings are not just on storage hardware but energy and space savings in the data center Solution: Customer ReferenceNorth American Energy and Utility Company Business need Economical means to support Oracle Database BU&R using RMAN Business results By leveraging Data Services included with S7210 as target in D2D environment, immediately saved $250K by not having pay for software license renewals Leveraged Storage Analytics insights to improve management efficiency Overall: Reduced TCO costs; increased utility, performance and usable capacity Customer reaction “NetApp heard about this deal and came to me and said they would 1) lower the price, 2) give free installation, 3) and free training. I said, ‘you don't get it,’ with this box I don't need any installation help or training for me or the extended team.” “...as soon as the storage arrived onsite a couple weeks ago we racked it - installed the latest software - and moved it to our DR site all configured. We have already migrated a bunch of data...and backups are already running to it from production. From installation to implementation - very smooth with no current issues.”
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【数据库】解决 oracle: ORA-01653: unable to extend table *.LINEORDER by 1024 in tablespace SYSTEM
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聊聊Oracle 11g中的Reference Partition(上)
  Data Partition是Oracle早期提出的一项针对大数据对象的解决方案。经过若干版本的演变,Partition依然是目前比较流行、应用广泛并且接受程度较高的技术策略。
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聊聊Oracle 11g中的Reference Partition(下)
  上篇中,我们介绍了Reference Partition的创建、使用和原理。本篇将从性能和管理两个角度,讨论Reference Partition的作用。
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