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KBMMW 4.92.00 发布

简介: We are happy to announce the release of kbmMW Professional and Enterprise Edition. Yet again kbmMW continues to set the bar for what an n-tier p...
We are happy to announce the release of kbmMW Professional and
Enterprise Edition.

Yet again kbmMW continues to set the bar for what an n-tier product must
be capable of in the real world!

Keywords for this release:

- New memory debugging/leak detection functionality.
- Lots of performance optimizations.
- Extreme performance threadsafe lockfree arrays and dynamic arrays.
- Updated file log and tee log managers.
- Lots of other enhancements and additions to existing functionalty.
- Bug fixes

Look at end of post for detailed list of additions, changes and fixes.

Professional and Enterprise Edition is available for all with a current
active SAU.
If your SAU has run out, please visit our shop to extend it with another
12 months.

CodeGear Edition is available for free, but only supports a specific
Delphi/Win32 SKU, contains a limited feature set and do not include source.

Please visit https://portal.components4developers.com to download.


kbmMW is the premiere n-tier product for Delphi, C++Builder and FPC
on .Net, Win32, Win64, Linux, Java, PHP, Android, IOS, embedded devices,
websites, mainframes and more.

Please visit www.components4developers.com for more information about kbmMW.


Components4Developers is a company established in 1999 with the purpose
of providing high quality development tools for developers and
enterprises. The primary focus is on SOA, EAI and systems integration
via our flagship product kbmMW.

kbmMW is a portable, highly scalable, high end application server and
enterprise architecture integration (EAI) development framework for
Win32, ..Net and Linux with clients residing on Win32, .Net, Linux,
Unix, Mainframes, Minis, Embedded and many other places.
It is currently used as the backbone in hundreds of central systems, in
hospitals, courts, private, industries, offshore industry, finance,
telecom, governements, schools, laboratories, rentals, culture
institutions, FDA approved medical devices, military and more.

4.92.00 April 2 2016

  Important notes (changes that may break existing code)
  * Changed TkbmMWAfterMessageProcessedEvent by adding argument
    var AAction:TkbmMWMessageProcessingSuccessAction

  New stuff
  - Added AWaitUntilConnected (default false) and
    AWaitUntilDisconnected (default false) to TkbmMWAMQPClient Connect/
    and Disconnect methods.
  - Generally slightly improved C++ support.
  - Added new TkbmMWDependency class for guaranteeing initialization and
    finalization order of units. Units depended on are initialized first
    and finalized later. Modified all kbmMW code to use dependency
  - Added new TkbmMWDebugMemory class for keeping track of memory
    allocations and leak detection. Enterprise Edition only.
    Include kbmMWDebugMemory as early as possible in your uses clause
    (but after FastMM if you are specifying that).
    See demo project (debugmemory) for usage.
  - Added compact stack version of TkbmMDebugStackTrace not requiring
    addition memory allocations while running.
  - Added support for global function in TkbmMWScheduler.Schedule.
  - Added PrevRunStamp in TkbmMWScheduledEvent.
  - Added TkbmMWInterlocked.Increment/Decrement for uint64.
  - Added TkbmMWLockFreeHashArray<T> where a custom value type can be
    used. key is still cardinal/uint64.
  - Added TkbmMWLockFreeHashArray64 (64 bit data value).
  - Added ResetEnum, Enum, Capacity, Count, AssignValue to all
    TkbmMWLockFreeHashArray implementations.
  - Added optional argument ACount:integer=0 to
    Can ask for preallocation of ACount instances (will be limited by
    max count defined for thread pool).
  - Added new TkbmMWLog data type: mwldtAllocation. It will be used by
    memory leak detection for reporting allocation leaks.
  - Added mwldtAllocation to TkbmMWLogDataType. Its used for filtering
    out memory allocation logs.
  - Added support for specifying max file size (in kB) for log and
    audit files in IkbmMWLocalFileLogManager. Default 1024 for log
    files and no max for audit.
    If file size is exceeded current file is renamed to .bak
    and a new file created. Only one backup file can currently exist.
  - Added support in IkbmMWTeeLogManager for AddLogManager and
    Allows for dynamically add and remove logmanagers to the tee log
    Currently max 10 concurrent logmanagers are supported to be
    referenced by a tee log manager.
    Added overloaded constructors for referencing 0 to 4 exisitng log
    manager instances when creating a tee logmanager instance.
  - Added Tag:integer and Data:variant properties to
    Allows for tagging custom data to a scheduled event.
    Matching methods WithTag(..) and WithData(..) added for fluently
  - Added PrevRunStamp:int64 property to IkbmMWScheduledEvent for
    obtaining info for when last run happened.
  - Added Schedule(AGlobalFunction:TkbmMWOnScheduledFunction) to
  - Added ASpaceAsPlus:boolean (default true) to kbmMWEncodeEscapes
    method in kbmMWHTMLUtils.pas. If set to false, will not replace
    space with +.
  - Added delayed commit to TkbmMWCustomSAFServerTransport.
    This is to fix that message pops should not be committed until
    message has truely been processed. This especially relates to
    request that are looped thru the TkbmMWServer application server
    functionality. Earlier it was possible that messages were put into
    a holding pattern in the TkbmMWServer (while waiting to be
    processed) but thus have been popped off the inbound queue and
    committed and thus removed from it, before the application server
    actually had processed or failed processing the message.
  - Added server queue congestrion support on
    This ensures that request/service call messages will not overwhelm
    the server queue. Default is
    and max CPUCount*10 messages in queue. Default component name for
    the server queue is transport name+'_'+KBMMW_DEFAULT_SERVER_QUEUE.
    If congestion happens, the push on the server queue fails and
    message will automatically be rolledback on the source queue
    (typically the inbound queue) to ensure no messages are lost.
  - Added TkbmMWDebugStack.StackTraceAsString function to easily
    convert collected stack to printable string.
  - Added more features for obtaining a stacktrace.
  - Added TkbmMWInterlocked.Increment2,Decrement2,Exchange2,
    Add2,CompareAndExchange2 supporting TkbmNativeUInt.
  - Added TkbmMWInterlocked.Increment,Decrement supporting uint64.
  - Added TkbmMWLockFreeHashArray2<T> to kbmMWGlobal, which takes
    2 TkbmNativeUInt keys to reference data of type <T>.
  - Added TkbmMWDynamicLockFreeHashArray<T> descending from
    TkbmMWLockFreeHashArray<T>. It auto resizes to 150%
    when its getting to more than 60% of capacity.
  - Added TkbmMWLockFreeHashArrayNative descending from
    TkbmMWLockFreeHashArray2 referencing TkbmNativeUInt.
  - Performance optimized kbmMWGetCurrentThreadID for x86 and x64.
  - Added procedures LockedFreeNotification(AComponent: TComponent) and
         procedure LockedRemoveFreeNotification(AComponent: TComponent)
    to TkbmMWCustomConnectionPool. Use these instead of FreeNotification
    and RemoveFreeNotification to ensure threadsafety.
  - Added AddBatchedMessage method to IkbmMWCustomTransportStream.
  - Added DelayedCommitOwner property to IkbmMWCustomTransportStream.
    This can be used to identify the original source (holding) queue
    for the message.
  - Added mwmqoFailOnCongestion to TkbmMWMessageQueueOption.
    If a queue is getting congested this will lead to push returning
    false, and message not being pushed on queue.
  - Added IkbmMWMessageQueueCustomAction and descendants
    IkbmMWMessageQueueCommitAction, IkbmMWMessageQueueRollbackAction,
    IkbmMWMessageQueueDeleteAction, IkbmMWMessageQueueRejectAction,
    IkbmMWMessageQueueStalledAction, IkbmMWMessageQueueCongestionAction,
    Allows for any class to subscribe for various events on a
    message queue.
  - Added events OnPush,OnTentativelyPop,OnCommit,OnRollback,OnDelete,
    OnCommitPush,OnRollbackPush to TkbmMWCustomMessageQueueAction.
  - Added mwpsaRetry to TkbmMWMessageProcessingSuccessAction.
    Controls if a failed message processing operation should be retried.

  Changes/minor additions
  - Changed TkbmMWScheduler to preallocate at least 1 relaxed thread if
    any relaxed events have been defined, even if they are not to run
    yet. Purpose is to play nice with memory leak detection.
  - Changed TkbmMWLockFreeHashArray to inherit from generic version,
    and be named TkbmMWLockFreeHashArray32.
  - Changed TkbmMWCustomTransportStream to allow for BatchedMessages=nil
    to improve performance and memory usage.
  - Added check for out of memory conditions in TkbmMWBufferPages.
  - Added missing Occurs(const AOccurance:TkbmMWScheduleOccurance)
    method to IkbmMWScheduledEvent to be able to type fluently.
  - Changed KBMMW_THREAD_TIMEOUT_GRANULARITY to 50ms instead
    of 2000ms to ensure more smooth shutdown of threads.
  - Changed so TkbmMWThreadEntry.Create do not autostart inner thread.
  - Changed TkbmMWCustomThreadPool.Create to allow for specifying if to
    autostart threads created via pool.
  - Changed TkbmMWCustomThreadPool.PreAllocate to take optional
    arguments setting pool size and autostart option.
  - Improved early error detection in ReadSubjectHeader.
  - Changed TkbmMWAfterMessageProcessedEvent by adding argument
    var AAction:TkbmMWMessageProcessingSuccessAction
  - Changed TkbmMWCustomGroupedMultithreadMessageQueueProcessor by
    adding setters to numerous properties.
  - Changed TkbmMWMemoryQueue options to default not batch any messages.
  - Changed TkbmMWGroupedMessageQueueProcessorThread to default
    congest at 10 messages for normal priority messages.
    The default congestion treshold will be overwritten with QueueSize
    setting when the processor is started.
  - Improved Firemonkey support for TkbmMWJPEG.

  - Fixed problems with TkbmMWDateTime due to threadsafety issues in
    Embarcadero's TTimeZone.Local implementation, which could lead to
    various exceptions on some OS versions.
  - Fixed issue with SendPing resulting in index out of range due to
    missing unstreaming of request values.
  - Fixed multithreaded race condition on unhooking components from
  - Fixed bug where not all properties of a scheduled event was
  - Fixed bug in TkbmMWScheduledEvents where precise event thread was
    not guaranteed started immediately.
  - Fixed shutdown problem in Indy 10 due to TerminateYarn bug.
  - Fixed potential race condition bug in TkbmMWFilePool.
  - Fixed bug in TkbmMWMREWLock and performance optimized it. Added a
    number of introspecting functions:
    ReadLockedBy, WriteLockedBy, LockedByAsString,
    WriteLockRecursiveCount, ReaderLockCount which can be used to query
    current status of a lock.
    Now kbmMW default uses TkbmMWMREWLock for all locking.
    This can be disabled by commenting
    in kbmMWConfig.inc.
  - Fixed memory leak in TkbmMWHashBuckets.
  - Fixed TkbmMWMemoryStream.Read when attempting to read 0 bytes.
  - Fixed bugs in TkbmMWCustomThread.Stop.
  - Fixed TkbmMWCipherCustomDES, TkbmMWCipherRijndael (AES) and
    TkbmMWCipherIDEA on 64 bit platforms.
  - Fixed TkbmMWCustomClient.SendPing without arguments not correctly
    sending NULL.
  - Fixed ftDateTime bug in UniDAC adapter.


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