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简介: jtffmctl.shThis script will be used to start/stop one to one fulfilment server.

This script will be used to start/stop one to one fulfilment server.

To start / stop mwa telnet server where mwa is mobile application.

关于这个脚本,我之前没怎么研究,今天特地研究下看看是提供什么功能的:这个脚本是用来启动一个叫 one-to-one Fulfillment Server的脚本!

什么是Oracle One-to-One Fulfillment?

Oracle One-to-One Fulfillment provides Oracle E-Business Suite applications with a centralized mechanism for managing fulfillment. Fulfillment is the process of compiling and distributing information to customers.(fulfillment是一个收集和分发信息给客户的进程)

Oracle One-to-One Fulfillment consists of a set of API calls, a server, and an  administration user interface called the Administration Console. The Oracle One-to-One
Fulfillment API is used by the E-Business Suite applications to initiate a request for fulfillment processing. The fulfillment request identifies the agent or server, the content,
and the channel. The Oracle One-to-One Fulfillment server processes the request. It compiles the personalized content and determines the recipients of email, fax, print and physical collateral.

Each business application has a unique interface for making a fulfillment request on behalf of one or more parties. Examples of outbound correspondence in E-Business 
Suite include:
• Notification letters(通知函)
• Dunning letters(通告函)
• Lease terms(租赁条款
• Product information(产品信息)
• Survey email invitations(调查邮件邀请)

• Sales and marketing collateral(销售和市场的资料)

Basic Terminology
The following terms explain some basic concepts of Oracle One-to-One Fulfillment.

• Cover letter(附信) or master document: A document, sent by Oracle One-to-One Fulfillment, which typically includes merge fields that are populated by an associated SQL query.

• Template: A high-level definition of one or more Oracle One-to-One Fulfillment master documents, associated queries, and any related collateral.

• Merge field: Data elements in an Oracle One-to-One Fulfillment cover letter or master document that are surrounded by merge field delimiters. When a fulfillment
request runs, any associated query retrieves the merge data from the table columns or views that are specified in the query. For each merge field that is used in a cover 
letter or master document, there must be one corresponding column name or alias in the select statement of the query to retrieve the appropriate data.

• For Oracle Survey: Invitation or reminder master documents contain at least one merge field to retrieve the survey URL that the recipient must access to participate 
in the survey. Other merge fields that are often part of invitation and reminder master documents are contact information (title, first name and last name) for each 
list member, and deployment end date.

• Query: A database query for information that is made in structured query language (SQL). Each Oracle One-to-One Fulfillment cover letter or master document may 
have an associated query. The information that the query gets is put into placeholders called merge fields resulting in the merged document. A query must have a column name or alias for each data element included as a merge field in the cover letter or master document. The query may also contain valid column names or aliases for additional data elements, whether or not the data elements are used in the cover letter or master document. For example, you can construct a single query that requests all information used to populate a survey invitation master document and a survey reminder master document, even if both documents have different  merge fields. A single query can be associated with any number of cover letters or master documents. The data from a successfully executed query merges with the document.

Process Flow
The following diagram illustrates the process flow of fulfillment requests made with Oracle One-to-One Fulfillment

• The calling applications provide screens or concurrent processes that enable the selection of one or more customers and documents or collateral.

• The calling application calls the Oracle One-to-One Fulfillment APIs, passing in required data about the particular fulfillment request.

• The Oracle One-to-One Fulfillment APIs process the request and return a request ID(or any errors) to the application. If successful, the API formats and places the 
request on an Advanced Queue to be picked up by the Fulfillment Server.

• The Fulfillment Server monitors the Request Queue for new requests, and pulls the request from the queue.

• The Fulfillment Server downloads document and collateral from MES or OCM, and sends the request to Java Mail APIs or Fax(传真) and Print enablers, or XML Publisher for merging and then prints from Oracle Pasta.

• Oracle One-to-One Fulfillment writes request details to Fulfillment History. If flagged to do so by the API, an entry is created in Interaction History is written against the party_id passed in the request.

Fulfillment Server
Fulfillment Server is a multi-threaded Java server that processes fulfillment requests by de-queuing the request from an Advanced Queue. Business applications use Fulfillment APIs to place fulfillment requests in the queue.

You can specify the time during which the server polls the fulfillment request queues in the database. It does not physically start or stop the server. If the server is running, the  server will continue to process retrieved fulfillment requests even when it is not polling  the database.

When a fulfillment request is processed, it creates a report in the Fulfillment history and an interaction record in Oracle Customer Interaction History. You can select which 
outcome reason and result you want to associate with a successful or failed fulfillment   request.




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