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Tuning Siebel Business Applications for HP-UX > Tuning Kernel Settings for HP-UX --
Modify the HP-UX kernel parameters to values like those shown below (suggested guidelines).
Use the HP-UX System Administration Manager (SAM) tool to make these changes.

nproc                       4096 - 4096
ksi_alloc_max              32768 - (NPROC*8)
max_thread_proc             4096 - 4096
maxdsiz               0x90000000 - 0X90000000
maxdsiz_64bit         2147483648 - 2147483648
maxfiles                    4000 - 4000
maxssiz                401604608 - 401604608
maxssiz_64bit         1073741824 - 1073741824
maxtsiz               0x40000000 - 0X40000000
maxusers                     128 - 128
msgmap                      4098 - (NPROC+2)
msgmni                      4096 - (NPROC)
msgtql                      4096 - (NPROC)
ncallout                    8000 - 8000
nclist                      2148 - (100+16*MAXUSERS)
ncsize                     35840 - (8*NPROC+2048+VX_NCSIZE)
nfile                      67584 - (16*NPROC+2048)
ninode                     34816 - (8*NPROC+2048)
nkthread                    7184 - (((NPROC*7)/4)+16)
nproc                       4096 - 4096
nsysmap                     8192 - ((NPROC)>800?2*(NPROC):800)
nsysmap64                   8192 - ((NPROC)>800?2*(NPROC):800)
semmap                      1026 - 1026
semmni                      1024 - 1024
semmns                     16384 - ((NPROC*2)*2)
semmnu                      2048 - 2048
semume                       256 - 256
shmmax                0x40000000 Y 0X40000000
shmmni                      1024 - 1024
shmseg                      1024 Y 1024
vps_ceiling                    64 - 64


This short note is to let you know that I started a new thread in the support-engineering forum on the topic you raised.

For the record, in my initial research, I found that only 4 of the 8 Kernel parameters you specified have been rendered obsolete.

nfile                     maximum number of open files (system-wide)
nfile is obsolete --

nsysmap             number of entries in a kernel dynamic memory allocation map
nsysmap is obsolete --

nsysmap64         number of entries in a kernel dynamic memory allocation map
nsysmap64 is obsolete --

semmap "specifies the size of the free-space resource map used
for allocating new System V IPC semaphores in shared memory."
semmap is obsolete -- 'HP-UX 11i Version 2 December 2007 Release Notes Operating Environments Update Release '
IPC Kernel Tunable Parameter (semmap)(Obsolete): The memory allocation
of semaphore sets previously controlled by semmap is now done
dynamically by the kernel. The semmap kernel parameter is no longer

nclist                   number of cblocks for pty and tty data transfers
nclist is not obsolete --

ncsize                  number of Directory Name Lookup Cache (DNLC) entries
ncsize is not obsolete --

semmnu             maximum number of System V IPC undo structures for processes
semmnu is not obsolete --

semume             maximum number of System V IPC undo entries per process
semume is not obsolete--

According to HP, the file table, system memory map, and semaphore map are
all dynamically sized in the 11iv3 kernel, so tunables specifying maximum size are no longer relevant.
That Oracle's document still contains recommendations for "nfile", is mostly due to
the Feb 2007 initial release of 11iv3, which had a VERY POOR implementation of the file table structures.
Please note this has now been fixed.

As HP-UX 11iv3 has also finally implemented man pages for all the kernel tunables (or at least most of them)
, this should be considered a good starting point for further exploration on the options available.
Rule Description Result Action
A00170 This rule verifies that the kernel parameters are set according to theOracle Database Installation Guide 10g Release 2 (10.2) for HP-UX. SHMMAX=137438953472 too small The kernel parameters are not set according to the

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