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简介: Indexes and search engines These sites provide indexes and search engines for Go packages: godoc.org gowalker gosearch Sourcegraph Contributin...

Indexes and search engines

These sites provide indexes and search engines for Go packages:


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Dead projects

If you find a project in this list that is dead or broken, please either mark it as such (if you have edit permissions) or mention it in the #go-nuts IRC channel.

Table of Contents


  • gonova - A wrapper for libnova -- Celestial Mechanics, Astrometry and Astrodynamics Library
  • meeus - Implementation of "Astronomical Algorithms" by Jean Meeus
  • novas - Interface to the Naval Observatory Vector Astrometry Software (NOVAS)
  • go-fits - FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) format image and data reader

Build Tools

  • colorgo - Colorize go build output
  • fileembed-go - This is a command-line utility to take a number of source files, and embed them into a Go package
  • gb - A(nother) build tool for go, with an emphasis on multi-package projects
  • GG - A build tool for Go in Go
  • go-pkg-config - lightweight clone of pkg-config
  • goam - A simple project build tool for Go
  • godag - A frontend to the Go compiler collection
  • goenv - goenv provides Go version and Go workspace management tools
  • goscons - Another set of SCons builders for Go
  • gotgo - An experimental preprocesor to implement 'generics'
  • goxc - A build tool with a focus on cross-compiling, packaging, versioning and distribution
  • GVM - GVM provides an interface to manage Go versions
  • SCons Go Tools - A collection of builders that makes it easy to compile Go projects in SCons


  • cache2go - A caching library with expiration capabilities and access counters
  • go-cache - An in-memory key:value store/cache (similar to Memcached) library for Go, suitable for single-machine applications
  • gomemcache - a memcached client
  • gomemcached - A memcached server in go
  • groupcache - Caching and cache-filling library, intended as a replacement for memcached in many cases
  • libmemcache - Fast client and server libraries speaking memcache protocol
  • memcache - go memcached client, forked from YouTube Vitess
  • memcached - Fast memcache server, which supports persistence and cache sizes exceeding available RAM
  • memcached-bench - Benchmark tool for memcache servers
  • YBC bindings - Bindings for YBC library providing API for fast in-process blob cache

Cloud Computing

  • Docker - The Linux container runtime. Developed by dotCloud.
  • gocircuit - A distributed operating system that sits on top of the traditional OS on multiple machines in a datacenter deployment. It provides a clean and uniform abstraction for treating an entire hardware cluster as a single, monolithic compute resource. Developed by Tumblr.
  • gosync - A package for syncing data to and from S3.
  • juju - Orchestration tool (deployment, configuration and lifecycle management), developed by Canonical.
  • ShipBuilder - ShipBuilder is a minimalist open source platform as a service, developed by Jay Taylor.
  • Tsuru - Tsuru is an open source polyglot cloud computing platform as a service (PaaS), developed by Globo.com.
  • swift - Go language interface to Swift / Openstack Object Storage / Rackspace cloud files

Command-line Option Parsers

  • argcfg - Use reflection to populate fields in a struct from command line arguments
  • cobra - A commander for modern go CLI interactions supporting commands & POSIX/GNU flags
  • command - Add subcommands to your CLI, provides help and usage guide.
  • getopt - Yet Another getopt Library for Go. This one is like Python's.
  • getopt - full featured traditional (BSD/POSIX getopt) option parsing in Go style
  • gnuflag - GNU-compatible flag parsing; substantially compatible with flag.
  • go-flags - command line option parser for go
  • go-options - A command line parsing library for Go
  • goopt - a getopt clone to parse command-line flags
  • options - Self documenting CLI options parser
  • opts.go - lightweight POSIX- and GNU- style option parsing
  • pflag - Drop-in replacement for Go's flag package, implementing POSIX/GNU-style --flags.
  • subcommands - A concurrent, unit tested, subcommand library
  • go-commander - Simplify the creation of command line interfaces for Go, with commands and sub-commands, with argument checks and contextual usage help. Forked from the "go" tool code.
  • uggo - Yet another option parser offering gnu-like option parsing. This one wraps (embeds) flagset. It also offers rudimentary pipe-detection (commands like ls behave differently when being piped to).

Command-line Tools

  • GoPasswordCreator - A small tool, which creates random passwords
  • gich - A cross platform which utility written in Go
  • gocreate - Command line utility that create files from templates.
  • gojson - Command-line tool for manipulating JSON for use in developing Go code.
  • jsonpp - A fast command line JSON pretty printer.
  • passhash - Command-line utility to create secure password hashes
  • pwdgen - A small tool, which generate human password, written in Go.
  • tecla - Command-line editing library
  • DevTodo2 - A small command-line per-project task list manager.


  • dgolzo - LZO bindings
  • fast-archiver - Alternative archiving tool with fast performance for huge numbers of small files
  • gbacomp - A Go library to (de)compress data compatible with GBA BIOS
  • go-lz4 - Port of LZ4 lossless compression algorithm to Go.
  • go-lzss - Implementation of LZSS compression algorithm in Go
  • go-sevenzip - Package sevenzip implements access to 7-zip archives (wraps C interface of LZMA SDK)
  • go-zip - A wrapper around C library libzip, providing ability to modify existing ZIP archives.
  • lzma - compress/lzma package for Go
  • snappy-go - Google's Snappy compression algorithm in Go
  • yenc - yenc decoder package
  • zappy - Package zappy implements the zappy block-based compression format. It aims for a combination of good speed and reasonable compression.

Configuration File Parsers

  • gcfg - read INI-style configuration files into Go structs; supports user-defined types and subsections
  • globalconf - Effortlessly persist to and read flag values from an ini config file
  • goconf - a configuration file parser
  • toml :
    • go-toml - Go library for the TOML language
    • go-toml-config - TOML-based config for Go
    • toml - TOML parser for Go with reflection
    • toml-go - An easy-to-use Go parser for the Toml format
    • gp-config - Subset of TOML syntax with basic and reflection APIs
  • yaml :
    • yaml - YAML support for the Go language, by Canonical
    • goyaml - A port of LibYAML to Go

Console User Interface

  • ansi - Easily create ansi escape code strings and closures to fomat, color console output
  • ansiterm - pkg to drive text-only consoles that respond to ANSI escape sequences
  • gnureadline - GNU Readline bindings
  • go.linenoise - Linenoise bindings (simple and easy readline with prompt, optional history, optional tab completion)
  • go-stfl - a thin wrapper around STFL, an ncurses-based widget toolkit
  • gockel - a Twitter client for text terminals
  • gocurse - Go bindings for NCurses
  • gocurses - NCurses wrapper
  • goncurses - An ncurses library, including the form, menu and panel extensions
  • gopass - Allows typing of passwords without echoing to screen
  • igo - A simple interactive Go interpreter built on exp/eval with some readline refinements
  • oh - A Unix shell written in Go
  • pty - obtain pseudo-terminal devices
  • termbox-go - A minimalist alternative to ncurses to build terminal-based user interfaces
  • termios - Terminal support
  • termon - Easy terminal-control-interface for Go.
  • go.sgr - Terminal/console colors and text decoration (bold,underlined,etc).
  • go-web-shell - Remote web shell, implements a net/http server.


  • BLAKE2b - Go implementation of BLAKE2b hash function
  • cryptoPadding - Block padding schemes implemented in Go
  • dkeyczar - Go port of Google'e Keyczar cryptography library
  • dkrcrypt - Korean block ciphers: SEED and HIGHT
  • dskipjack - Go implementation of the SKIPJACK encryption algorithm
  • go-hc128 - Go implementation of HC-128, an eSTREAM stream cipher
  • GoSkein - Implementation of Skein hash and Threefisch crypto for Go
  • keccak - A keccak (SHA-3) implementation
  • ketama.go - libketama-style consistent hashing
  • kindi - encryption command line tool
  • scrypt - Go implementation of Colin Percival's scrypt key derivation function
  • simpleaes - AES encryption made easy
  • ssh.go - SSH2 Client library
  • siphash - SipHash: a fast short-input pseudorandom function
  • tiger - Tiger cryptographic hashing algorithm
  • whirlpool - whirlpool cryptographic hashing algorithm
  • cryptogo - some useful cryptography-related functions, including paddings (PKCS7, X.923), PBE with random salt and IV

Data Processing

  • Heka - Real time data and log file processing engine.
  • gostatsd - Statsd server and library.
  • proto - Map/Reduce/Filter etc. for Go using channels as result streams.
  • rrd - Bindings for rrdtool.

Data Structures


  • GoArrayList - GoArrayList is a Go language substitute for the Java class ArrayList, with very nearly all features.
  • goskiplist - A skip list implementation in Go.
  • itreap - An immutable ordered list, interally a treap.
  • ListDict - Python List and Dict for Go
  • skip - A fast position-addressable ordered map and multimap.
  • skiplist - A skip list implementation. Highly customizable and easy to use.
  • Skiplist - A fast indexable ordered multimap.


  • fifo_queue - Simple FIFO queue
  • go-priority-queue - An easy to use heap implementation with a conventional priority queue interface.
  • go.fifo - Simple auto-resizing thread-safe fifo queue.
  • gopqueue - Priority queue at top of container/heap
  • gringo - A minimalist queue implemented using a stripped-down lock-free ringbuffer
  • figo - A simple fifo queue with an optional thread-safe version.
  • queued - A simple network queue daemon


  • goraph - Graph Visualization, Algorithms


  • b - Package b implements B+trees with delayed page split/concat and O(1) enumeration. Easy production of source code for B+trees specialized for user defined key and value types is supported by a simple text replace.
  • btree - Package btree implements B-trees with fixed size keys, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Btree
  • go-avltree - AVL tree (Adel'son-Vel'skii & Landis) with indexing added
  • go-darts - Double-ARray Trie System for golang
  • go-stree - A segment tree implementation for range queries on intervals
  • GoLLRB - A Left-Leaning Red-Black (LLRB) implementation of 2-3 balanced binary search trees in Google Go
  • rbtree - Yet another red-black tree implementation, with a C++ STL-like API
  • rtreego - an R-Tree library
  • gotree - Tree Visualization, Algorithms


  • asyncwr - Asynchronous, non-blocking, wrapper for io.Writer
  • bigendian - binary parsing and printing
  • collections - Several common data structures
  • data-structures - A collection of data-structures (AVL Tree, B+Tree, Ternary Search Trie, Hash Table (Separate Chaining), Linear Hash Table)
  • deepcopy - Make deep copies of data structures
  • dgobloom - A Bloom Filter implementation
  • epochdate - Compact dates stored as days since the Unix epoch
  • fsm - Minimalistic state machine for use instead of booleans
  • go-algs/ed - Generalized edit-distance implementation
  • go-algs/maxflow - An energy minization tool using max-flow algorithm.
  • go-extractor - Go wrapper for GNU libextractor
  • go-maps - Go maps generalized to interfaces
  • gohash - A simple linked-list hashtable that implements sets and maps
  • Gokogiri - A lightweight libxml wrapper library
  • GoNetCDF - A wrapper for the NetCDF file format library
  • goop - Dynamic object-oriented programming support for Go
  • goset - A simple, thread safe Set implementation
  • gotoc - A protocol buffer compiler written in Go
  • goxml - A thin wrapper around libxml2
  • itertools - Provides generic iteratable generator function along with functionality similar to the itertools python package.
  • jsonv - A JSON validator
  • libgob - A low level library for generating gobs from other languages
  • Picugen - A general-purpose hash/checksum digest generator.
  • ps - Persistent data structures
  • samling - Package samling implements various collection data structures.
  • tribool - Ternary (tree-valued) logic for Go
  • Tuple - Tuple is a go type that will hold mixed types / values
  • vcard - Reading and writing vcard file in go. Implementation of RFC 2425 (A MIME Content-Type for Directory Information) and RFC 2426 (vCard MIME Directory Profile).
  • x2j - Unmarshal XML doc into mapstringinterface{} or JSON
  • xlsx - A library to help with extracting data from Microsoft Office Excel XLSX files.

Databases and Storage

See also SQLDrivers page.


  • mgo - Rich MongoDB driver for Go


  • Go-MySQL-Driver - A lightweight and fast MySQL-Driver for Go's database/sql package
  • MyMySQL - MySQL Client API written entirely in Go.
  • vitess - Scaling MySQL databases for the web


  • go-odbc - ODBC Driver for Go
  • odbc3-go - This package is wrapper around ODBC (version 3).


  • go-libpq - cgo-based Postgres driver for Go's database/sql package
  • go-pgsql - A PostgreSQL client library for Go
  • pgsql.go - PostgreSQL high-level client library wrapper
  • pgx - Go PostgreSQL driver that avoids database/sql in exchange for better PostgreSQL specific support
  • pq - Pure Go PostgreSQL driver for database/sql


  • ql - A pure Go embedded (S)QL database.


  • Go-Redis - Client and Connectors for Redis key-value store
  • godis - Simple client for Redis
  • Tideland CGL Redis - Powerful Redis client with pub/sub support.
  • Redigo - Go client for Redis.
  • redis - Redis client for Golang




  • beedb - beedb is an ORM for Go. It lets you map Go structs to tables in a database
  • gorm - An ORM library for Go, aims for developer friendly
  • gorp - SQL mapper for Go
  • hood - Database agnostic ORM for Go. Supports Postgres and MySQL.
  • qbs - Query By Struct. Supports MySQL, PosgreSQL and SQLite3.
  • xorm - A Simple and Powerful ORM for Go.
  • go-modeldb - A simple wrapper around sql.DB for struct support.

Multiple wrappers

  • gosexy/db - an abstraction of wrappers for popular third party SQL and No-SQL database drivers.


  • dbm - Package dbm (WIP) implements a simple database engine, a hybrid of a hierarchical and/or a key-value one.
  • Diskv - Home-grown, disk-backed key-value store
  • etcd - Highly-available key value store for shared configuration and service discovery
  • gocask - Key-value store inspired by Riak Bitcask. Can be used as pure go implementation of dbm and other kv-stores.
  • kv - Yet another key/value persistent store. Atomic operations, two phase commit, automatic crash recovery, ...
  • leveldb-go - This is an implementation of the LevelDB key/value database.
  • levigo - levigo provides the ability to create and access LevelDB databases.
  • persival - Programatic, persistent, pseudo key-value storage


  • tiedot - A NoSQL document database engine using JSON for documents and queries; it can be embedded into your program, or run a stand-alone server using HTTP for an API.


  • cabinet - Kyoto Cabinet bindings for go
  • cass - Cassandra Client Lib
  • cdb.go - Create and read cdb ("constant database") files
  • CodeSearch - Index and perform regex searches over large bodies of source code
  • couch-go - newer maintained CouchDB database binding
  • couchgo - The most feature complete CouchDB Adapter for Go. Modeled after couch.js.
  • dbxml - A basic interface to Oracle Berkeley DB XML
  • go-db-oracle - GO interface to Oracle DB
  • go-notify - GO bindings for the libnotify
  • go-rexster-client - Go client for the Rexster graph server (part of the TinkerPop suite of graph DB tools)
  • go-sphinx - A sphinx client package for Go, for full text search.
  • go-wikiparse - mediawiki dump parser for working with wikipedia data
  • gographite - statsd server in go (for feeding data to graphite)
  • gokabinet - Go bindings for Kyoto Cabinet DBM implementation
  • goprotodb - A binding to Berkeley DB storing records encoded as Protocol Buffers.
  • goriak - Database driver for riak database (project homepage is now on bitbucket.org)
  • goriakpbc - Riak driver using Riak's protobuf interface
  • gotyrant - A Go wrapper for tokyo tyrant
  • hdfs - go bindings for libhdfs
  • JGDB - JGDB stands for Json Git Database
  • mig - Simple SQL-based database migrations
  • mongofixtures - A Go quick and dirty utility for cleaning MongoDB collections and loading fixtures into them.
  • Neo4j-GO - Neo4j REST Client in golang
  • neoism - Neo4j graph database client, including Cypher and Transactions support.
  • Optimus Cache Prime - Smart cache preloader for websites with XML sitemaps.
  • riako - High level utility methods for interacting with Riak databases
  • Weed File System - fast distributed key-file store
  • whisper-go - library for working with whisper databases
  • squirrel - Fluent SQL generation for golang

Development Tools

  • cwrap - Go wrapper (binding) generator for C libraries.
  • demand - Download, build, cache and run a Go app easily.
  • godev - Recompiles and runs your Go code on source change. Also watches all your imports for changes.
  • GoWatch - GoWatch watches your dev folder for modified files, and if a file changes it restarts the process.
  • glib - Bindings for GLib type system
  • gocog - A code generator that can generate code using any language
  • godiff - diff file comparison tool with colour html output
  • syntaxhighlighter - language-independent code syntax highlighting library
  • gonew - A tool to create new Go projects
  • go-play - A HTML5 web interface for experimenting with Go code. Like http://golang.org/doc/play but runs on your computer
  • gorun - Enables Go source files to be used as scripts.
  • go-spew - Implements a deep pretty printer for Go data structures to aid in debugging
  • goven - Easily copy code from another project into yours
  • gowatcher - Reload a specified go program automatically by monitoring a directory.
  • goweb - Literate programming tools for Go based on CWEB by Donald Knuth and Silvio Levy.
  • hopwatch - simple debugger for Go
  • hsandbox - Tool for quick exprimentation with Go snippets
  • Livedev - Livedev is a development proxy server that enables live code reloading.
  • liccor - A tool for updating license headers in Go source files
  • liteide - An go auto build tools and qt-based ide for Go
  • rerun - Rerun watches your binary and all its dependencies so it can rebuild and relaunch when the source changes.
  • trace - A simple debug tracing
  • godepgraph - Create a dependency graph for a go package

Emacs Tags

  • egotags - ETags generator
  • tago - Emacs TAGS generator for Go source
  • tago1 - etags generator for go that builds with go 1

Distributed/Grid Computing

  • donut - A library for building clustered services in Go
  • locker - A distributed lock service built on top of etcd.
  • Skynet - Skynet is distributed mesh of processes designed for highly scalable API type service provision.


  • GoDoc.org - GoDoc.org generates documentation on the fly from source on Bitbucket, Github, Google Project Hosting and Launchpad.
  • Mango - Automatically generate unix man pages from Go sources
  • godocdown - Format package documentation (godoc) as GitHub friendly Markdown
  • redoc - Commands documentation for Redis
  • sphinxcontrib-golangdomain - Sphinx domain for Go


  • Go conTEXT - Highlighter plugin for the conTEXT editor
  • Google Go for Idea - Google Go language plugin for Intellij IDEA
  • go-gedit - Google Go language plugin for gedit
  • goclipse - An Eclipse-based IDE for Go.
  • godev - Web-based IDE for the Go language
  • gofinder - (code) search tool for acme
  • golab - go local application builder - a web-based golang ide
  • tabby - Source code editor
  • godit - A microemacs-like text editor written in Go.
  • ViGo - A vim-like text editor.
  • Conception - Conception is an experimental research project, meant to become a modern IDE/Language package. demo video

Encodings and Character Sets

  • Mahonia - Character-set conversion library in Go
  • base58 - Human input-friendly base58 encoding
  • bencode-go - Encodeing and decoding the bencode format used by the BitTorrent peer-to-peer file sharing protocol
  • bsonrpc - BSON codec for net/rpc
  • chardet - Charset detection library ported from ICU
  • charmap - Character encodings in Go
  • go-charset - Conversion between character sets. Native Go.
  • go-simplejson - a Go package to interact with arbitrary JSON
  • go-xdr - Pure Go implementation of the data representation portion of the External Data Representation (XDR) standard protocol as specified in RFC 4506 (obsoletes RFC 1832 and RFC 1014).
  • gopack - Bit-packing for Go
  • gobson - BSON (de)serializer
  • iconv-go - iconv wrapper with Reader and Writer
  • mimemagic - Detect mime-types automatically based on file contents with no external dependencies
  • go-msgpack - Comprehensive MsgPack library for Go, with pack/unpack and net/rpc codec support (DEPRECATED in favor of codec )
  • codec-msgpack-binc High Performance and Feature-Rich Idiomatic Go Library providing encode/decode support for multiple binary serialization formats: msgpack and binc.
  • msgpack - Msgpack format implementation for Golang
  • msgpack-json - Command-line utilities to convert between msgpack and json
  • storable - Write perl storable data
  • TNetstring - tnetstrings (tagged Netstrings)
  • nnz - String and Int primitives that serialize to JSON and SQL null
  • magicmime -- Mime-type detection with Go bindings for libmagic


  • bloxorz - Solver for bloxorz basic levels
  • ChessBuddy - Play chess with Go, HTML5, WebSockets and random strangers!
  • Fergulator - An NES emulator, using SDL and OpenGL
  • Gongo - A program written in Go that plays Go
  • Ludo Game - Ludo Board game powered by Go on Appengine
  • godoku - Go Sudoku Solver - example of "share by communicating"
  • gospeccy - A ZX Spectrum 48k Emulator
  • Bampf - Arcade style game based on the Vu 3D engine.


  • go-gdal - Go bindings for GDAL
  • go-liblas - Go bindings for libLAS
  • go-proj-4 - An interface to the Cartographic Projections Library PROJ.4
  • gogeos - Go library for spatial data operations and geometric algorithms
  • lvd.go - dense set, byte trie, reed solomon encoding, wgs84 geodesics
  • polyline - Google Maps polyline encoding and decoding
  • geom - Open Geo Consortium-style geometries with native Go GeoJSON, WKB, and WKT encoding and decoding (work-in-progress)

Go Implementations

  • Express Go - Interpreted Go implementation for Windows
  • llgo - LLVM-based Go compiler, written in Go (work-in-progress)

Graphics and Audio

  • AnsiGo - Simple ANSi to PNG converter written in pure Go
  • Arclight - Arclight is a tool for rendering images
  • Go-OpenGL - Go bindings for OpenGL
  • GoGL - OpenGL binding generator
  • GoMacDraw - A mac implementation of go.wde
  • Goop - Audio synthesizer engine
  • Plotinum - An API for creating plots
  • Winhello - An example Windows GUI hello world application
  • allergro - basic wrapper for the Allegro library
  • allegro 5 - Go Bindings for Allegro 5 library
  • baukasten - A modular game library.
  • blend - Image processing library and rendering toolkit for Go.
  • bmp.go - package for encoding/decoding Windows BMP files
  • chart - Library to generate common chart (pie, bar, strip, scatter, hstogram) in different output formats.
  • draw2d - This package provide an API to draw 2d geometrical form on images. This library is largely inspired by postscript, cairo, HTML5 canvas.
  • freetype-go - a Go implementation of FreeType
  • gl - OpenGL bindings using glew
  • glfw - bindings to the multi-platform library for opening a window, creating an OpenGL context and managing input
  • glfw 3 - Go bindings for GLFW 3 library
  • glh - OpenGL helper functions to manage text, textures, framebuffers and more
  • glu - bindings to the OpenGL Utility Library
  • egl - egl bindings
  • es2 - es2 bindings
  • go-cairo - Go wrapper for the cairo graphics library
  • go-gd - Go bingings for GD
  • go-gnuplot - go bindings for GNUPlot
  • go-gtk3 - gtk3 bindings for go
  • go-heatmap - A toolkit for making heatmaps
  • go-openal - Experimental OpenAL bindings for Go
  • go-opencl - A go wrapper to the OpenCL heterogeneous parallel programming library
  • gocl - Go OpenCL (gocl) binding
  • go-opencv - Go bindings for OpenCV
  • go-taglib - Go wrapper for TagLib, an audio meta-data parser
  • go-tmx - A Go library that reads Tiled's TMX files
  • go-vlc - Go bindings for libVLC
  • go.wde - A windowing/drawing/event interface
  • GoHM - H.265/HEVC HM Video Codec in Go
  • GoVisa - H265/HEVC Bitstream Analyzer in Go
  • goHorde - Go Bindings for the Horde3d Rendering engine.
  • gocairo - Golang wrapper for cairo graphics library
  • goexif - Retrieve EXIF metadata from image files
  • goray - Raytracer written in Go, based on Yafaray
  • gosc - Pure Go OSC (Open Sound Control) library
  • gosdl - Go wrapper for SDL
  • goxscr - Go rewrites of xscreensaver ports
  • gst - Go bindings for GStreamer
  • hgui - Gui toolkit based on http and gtk-webkit.
  • imaging - Package imaging provides basic image manipulation functions (resize, rotate, flip, crop, etc.) as well as simplified image loading and saving.
  • portaudio - A Go binding to PortAudio
  • pulsego - Go binding for PulseAudio
  • resize - Image resizing with different interpolations.
  • starfish - A simple Go graphics and user input library, built on SDL
  • svgo - a library for creating and outputting SVG
  • tga - TARGA image format encoding/decoding library
  • window - Optimized moving window for real-time data
  • wingo - A fully-featured window manager written in Go.
  • wxGo - Go Wrapper for the wxWidgets GUI
  • x-go-binding - bindings for the X windowing system
  • xgb - A fork of the x-go-binding featuring support for thread safety and all X extensions.
  • xgbutil - A utility library to make use of the X Go Binding easier. (Implements EWMH and ICCCM specs, key binding support, etc.)
  • vu - Virtual Universe. A skeleton 3D engine.

GUIs and Widget Toolkits

  • go-fltk - FLTK2 GUI toolkit bindings for Go
  • go-gtk - Bindings for GTK
  • go-qt5 - qt5 bindings for go
  • go.uik - A UI kit for Go, in Go. (project is closed)
  • GoQuick - Go and Qt Quick experimentation
  • gothic - Tcl/Tk Go bindings
  • gotk3 - Go bindings for GTK3, requires GTK version 3.8
  • go-webkit2 - Go bindings for the WebKitGTK+ v2 API (w/headless browser & JavaScript support)
  • Gowut - Gowut (Go Web UI Toolkit) is a full-featured, easy to use, platform independent Web UI Toolkit written in pure Go, no platform dependent native code is linked or called.
  • iup - Bindings for IUP
  • mdtwm - Tiling window manager for X
  • qml - QML support for the Go language


  • go.hid - Provides communication with USB Human Interface Devices.
  • hwio - Hardware I/O library for SoC boards including BeagleBone Black and Raspberry Pi.
  • gortlsdr - A librtlsdr wrapper, which turns certain USB DVB-T dongles into a low-cost, general purpose software-defined radio receiver.

Language and Linguistics

  • alpinocorpus-go - A reader and a writer for Alpino corpora.
  • go-aspell - GNU Aspell spell checking library bindings for Go.
  • go-language - A simple language detector using letter frequency data.
  • go.stringmetrics - String distance metrics implemented in Go
  • inflect - Word inflection library (similar to Ruby ActiveSupport::Inflector). Singularize(), Pluralize(), Underscore() etc.
  • libtextcat - A Go wrapper for libtextcat.
  • textcat - N-gram based text categorization, with support for utf-8 and raw text
  • sego - Chinese language segmenter.
  • goling - String Similarity(Cosine Similarity, Levenshtein Distance), Spell Check, Segmentation
  • gobay - Naive Bayesian Classifier (Sentiment Analysis)
  • gocha - CHILDES data analyzing tool
  • gomata - Automata Theory, Computational Linguistics


  • glog - Leveled execution logs for Go
  • factorlog - Really fast, featureful logging infrastructure (supports colors, verbosity, and many formats)
  • seelog - Flexible dispatching, filtering, and formatting
  • timber - Configurable Logger for Go
  • log4go - Go logging package akin to log4j
  • syslog - With this package you can create your own syslog server with your own handlers for different kind of syslog messages
  • graylog-golang - graylog-golang is a full implementation for sending messages in GELF (Graylog Extended Log Format) from Google Go (Golang) to Graylog
  • rfw - Rotating file writer - a 'logrotate'-aware file output for use with loggers

Machine Learning

  • bayesian - A naive bayes classifier.
  • go-galib - Genetic algorithms.
  • go-porterstemmer - An efficient native Go clean room implementation of the Porter Stemming algorithm.
  • paicehusk - Go implementation of the Paice/Husk Stemmer
  • snowball - Snowball stemmer


  • Cvx - Convex optimization package, port of CVXOPT python package
  • Units - Implements types, units, converter functions and some mathematics for some common physical types. lib
  • bayesian - Naive Bayesian Classification for Golang
  • blas - Go implementation of BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms)
  • cartconvert - cartography functions for the Go programming language
  • dice - Dice rolling library
  • evaler - A simple floating point arithmetic expression evaluator
  • fixed - A fixed point (Q32.32 format) math library.
  • geom - 2d geometry.
  • go.mahalanobis - Naive implementation of the Mahalanobis distance using go.matrix
  • go-fftw - Go bindings for FFTW - The Fastest Fourier Transform in the West
  • go-fn - Special functions that would not fit in "math" pkg
  • go-gt - Graph theory algorithms
  • go-humanize - Formatting numbers for humans.
  • go-lm - Linear models in Go. Provides WLS and regression with t residuals via a cgo -> BLAS/LAPACK interface.
  • go-symexpr - Symbolic math as an AST with derivatives, simplification, and non-linear regression
  • go.matrix - a linear algebra package
  • gochipmunk - Go bindings to the Chipmunk Physics library.
  • gocomplex - a complex number library
  • godec - multi-precision decimal arithmetic
  • gographviz - Graphviz DOT language parser for golang
  • gomat - lightweight FAST matrix and vector math
  • gsl - GNU Scientific Library bindings
  • mathutil - Package mathutil provides utilities supplementing the standard 'math' and 'rand' packages.
  • mt19937_64 - Mersenne Twister int64 random source
  • polyclip.go - Go implementation of algorithm for Boolean operations on 2D polygons
  • pso-go - A library of PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization) for golang.
  • statistics - GNU GSL Statistics (GPLv3)
  • vector - A small vector lib.


  • GCSE - Go code search engine. source
  • CGRates - Rating system designed to be used in telecom carriers world
  • Go-PhysicsFS - Go bindings for the PhysicsFS archive-access abstraction library.
  • go.pipeline - Library that emulates Unix pipelines
  • GoFlow - Flow-based and dataflow programming library for Go
  • GoLCS - Sovle Longest Common Sequence problem in go
  • Gotgo - A Go preprocessor that provides an implementation of generics
  • Hranoprovod - Command-line calorie tracking
  • Tideland CGL Monitoring - Flexible monitoring of your application
  • atexit - Simple atexit library
  • bíogo - Basic bioinformatics functions for the Go language.
  • cpu - A Go package that reports processor topology
  • cron - A library for running jobs (funcs) on a cron-formatted schedule
  • dbus-go - D-Bus Go library
  • desktop - Open file/uri with default application (cross platform)
  • devboard - Kanban board application based on Simple-Khanban
  • dump - An utility that dumps Go variables, similar to PHP's var_dump
  • env - Easily pull environment variables with defaults
  • epub - Bindings for libepub to read epub content.
  • faker - Generate fake data, names, text, addresses, etca
  • fsnotify - File system notifications for Go
  • functional - Functional programming library including a lazy list implementation and some of the most usual functions.
  • go-amiando - Wrapper for the Amiando event management API
  • go-bit - An efficient and comprehensive bitset implementation with utility bit functions.
  • go-business-creditcard - Validate/generate credit card checksums/names.
  • gochem - A computational chemistry/biochemistry library.
  • go-ean - A minimal utility library for validating EAN-8 and EAN-13 and calculating checksums.
  • go-eco - Functions for use in ecology
  • go-erx - Extended error reporting library
  • go-fann - Go bindings for FANN, library for artificial neural networks
  • go-idn - a project to bring IDN support to Go, feature compatible with libidn
  • go-metrics - Go port of Coda Hale's Metrics library
  • go-osx-plist - CoreFoundation Property List support for Go
  • go-papi - Go interface to the PAPI performance API
  • go-pkg-mpd - A library to access the MPD music daemon
  • go-pkg-xmlx - Extension to the standard Go XML package. Maintains a node tree that allows forward/backwards browser and exposes some simpel single/multi-node search functions
  • go-qrand - Go client for quantum random bit generator service at random.irb.hr
  • go-semvar - Semantic versions (see http:/semver.org)
  • go-taskstats - Go interface for Linux taskstats
  • go-translate - Google Language Translate library
  • go-uuid - Universal Unique IDentifier generator and parser
  • go.dbus - Native Go library for D-Bus
  • go.pcsclite - Go wrapper for pcsc-lite
  • goNI488 - A Go wrapper around National Instruments NI488.2 General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB) driver.
  • goPromise - Scheme-like delayed evaluation for Go
  • goST - A steam properties (steam table) library written for Go. This was designed as a native go equivalent to XSteam.
  • gocsv - Library for CSV parsing and emitting
  • goga - A genetic algorithm framework
  • gogobject - GObject-introspection based bindings generator
  • golife - Implementation of Game of Life for command line
  • gomagic - Libmagic bindings
  • go-magic - A Go wrapper for libmagic
  • go-magic - Simple interface to libmagic for Go Programming Language
  • gommap - gommap enables Go programs to directly work with memory mapped files and devices in a very efficient way
  • goneuro - Go driver for NeuroSky devices.
  • goplan9 - libraries for interacting with Plan 9
  • goraphing - A tool to generate a simple graph data structures from JSON data files
  • go-ses - Amazon AWS Simple Email Service (SES) API client
  • go-systemd - Utility functions for interacting with the systemd init system
  • twitterfetcher - A tool to make Twitter API requests using the Application-only authentication
  • gouuid - Pure Go UUID v3, 4 and 5 generator compatible with RFC4122
  • Prometheus Instrumentation/Metrics Client - This is a whitebox instrumentation framework for servers written in Go. It exposes programmatically-generated metrics automatically for use in the Prometheus time series collection and post-processing environment.
  • koans - programming koans for go
  • lineup - A minimalistic message queue server
  • mimemail - Construct plain text MIME messages for use with net/smtp.
  • mitigation - Package mitigation provides the possibility to prevent damage caused by bugs or exploits.
  • nma.go - A NotifyMyAndroid client for go.
  • passwd - A parser for the /etc/passwd file
  • pool - A generic worker pool
  • primegen.go - Sieve of Atkin prime number generator
  • procfile - A Procfile parser
  • randat - Devel tool for generating random bytestrings and encoding files in code-friendly forms
  • replaykit - A library for replaying time series data.
  • selenium - Selenium client
  • go-selenium - Selenium WebDriver client for Go
  • serial - Serial ports API (pure Go)
  • sio - Package sio lets you access old serial junk. It's a go-gettable fork and modification of dustin's rs232 package.
  • symutils - Various tools and libraries to handle symbolic links
  • udis86 - Go bindings for libudis86
  • xplor - Files tree browser for p9p acme
  • yubigo - Yubikey OTP validation and auhtentication API client.
  • go-villa - Some miscellaneous wrapper and small algorithms.(wrappers to slices, priority queues, path related apis, a string set type)
  • go.bitcoin - Wrapper for bitcoind daemon API, makes working with bitcoins easy.
  • Breaker - Breaker enables graceful degraded mode operations by means of wrapping unreliable interservice interface points with circuit breaker primitives.
  • Wukong - A highly extensible full-text search engine written in Go.
  • gotenv - Loads environment variables from .env file


  • go-libshout - Go bindings for libshout
  • gompd - A client interface for the MPD (Music Player Daemon)
  • portmidi - Go bindings for libportmidi
  • launchpad - A Go client for Novation Launchpad


  • Go Ajax - Go Ajax is a JSON-RPC implementation designed to create AJAX powered websites.
  • GoRTP - RTP / RTCP stack implementation for Go
  • QRP - QRP is a simple packet-based RPC protocol designed as a simple alternative to Go's rpc, that can run over UDP
  • Rsync - Rsync algorithm as a Go library
  • Tonika - Secure social networking platform
  • Uniqush - A free and open source software which provides a unified push service for server-side notification to apps on mobile devices.
  • createsend-go - API client for Monitor http://www.campaignmonitor.com (email campaign service)
  • VDED - Vector Delta Engine Daemon - track deltas in ever-increasing values (written in Go)
  • circle - Go interface to the libcircle distributed-queue API
  • dmrgo - Library for with Hadoop Streaming map/reduce
  • doozerconfig - Go package for managing json-encoded configuration in Doozer
  • doozerd - A consistent distributed data store
  • eventsource - Server-sent events for net/http server.
  • gearman-go - A native implementation for Gearman API with Go.
  • glibvnc - Go wrapper using CGO for the libvnc library.
  • gmail - Simple library for sending emails from a Gmail account, for people not interested in dealing with protocol details.
  • go-curl - libcurl bingding that supports go func callbacks
  • go-dbus - A library to connect to the D-bus messaging system
  • go-icap - ICAP (Internet Content Adaptation Protocol) server library
  • go-imap - IMAP client library
  • go-mail - Email utilities including RFC822 messages and Google Mail defaults.
  • nagiosplugin - package for writing Nagios/monitoring plugins
  • go-nntp - An NNTP client and server library for go
  • go-router - implementation of remote channel communication
  • go-rpcgen - ProtoBuf RPC binding generator for net/rpc and AppEngine
  • go-socket.io - A Socket.IO backend implementation written in Go
  • gosocks - A SOCKS (SOCKS4, SOCKS4A and SOCKS5) proxy client library in Go.
  • go9 - an implementation of the 9P distributed file system protocol
  • go9p - 9p protocol implementation in Go
  • goagain - zero-downtime restarts in Go
  • gobeanstalk - Go Beanstalkd client library
  • godwulf - Gopher server written in Go
  • gogammu - Library for sending and receiving SMS
  • gonetbench - Simple TCP benchmarking tool
  • gonetcheck - package for checking general internet access
  • gopacket - Packet encoding/decoding, pcap/pfring/afpacket support, TCP assembly, and more!
  • gopcap - A simple wrapper around libpcap
  • goprotobuf - the Go implementation of Google's Protocol Buffers
  • gogoprotobuf - another Go implementation of Protocol Buffers, but with extensions and code generation plugins.
  • golang_protobuf_extensions - Protocol Buffer extensions to support streaming message encoding and decoding.
  • goq - A persistent message queue written in Go.
  • gosndfile - Go binding for libsndfile
  • gozmq - Go Bindings for 0mq (zeromq/zmq)
  • handlersocket-go - Go native library to connect to HandlerSocket interface of InnoDB tables
  • imap - Implementation of IMAP4rev1 client, as described in RFC 3501.
  • Inbucket - Inbucket is an email testing service; it will accept messages for any email address and make them available to view via a web interface.
  • ipaddr - basic functions for the manipulation of IP address prefixes and subsequent addresses as described in RFC 4632 and RFC 4291.
  • ipaddress - Convenient ip address functions: ip -> int, int -> ip, and IPNet broadcast address
  • iris - Peer-to-peer messaging for back-end decentralization.
  • iris-go - Go binding for the Iris decentralized messaging framework.
  • kafka.go - Producer & Consumer for the Kafka messaging system
  • ldap - Basic LDAP v3 functionality for the GO programming language.
  • NATS - NATS distributed messaging system client for Go
  • netsnail - A low-bandwidth simulator
  • npipe - a pure Go wrapper for Windows named pipes
  • netutils - Simple interface for turning TCP Sockets into channels.
  • opendap - Go wrapper for Openldap
  • protorpc - Google Protocol RPC for Go and C++
  • remotize - A remotize package and command that helps remotizing methods without having to chaneg their signatures for rpc
  • replican-sync - An rsync algorithm implementation in Go
  • rs232 - Serial interface for those of us who still have modems (or arduinos)
  • rss - RSS parsing library.
  • seamless - Reverse TCP Proxy with HTTP managment API
  • spdy - SPDY library, wired into net/http, currently supporting servers only.
  • statsd-go - Statsd implementation in Go, forked from gographite, which submits to Ganglia
  • stompngo - A Stomp 1.1 Compliant Client
  • stompngo_examples - Examples for stompngo.
  • telnet - A simple interface for interacting with Telnet connection
  • tcp_fallback - A TCP proxy implementing a simple fallback mechanism.
  • tcpmeter - A TCP throughput measuring tool
  • traceroute - A traceoute implementation
  • uritemplates - A level 4 implementation of URI Templates (RFC 6570)
  • sockjs-go - Implements server side counterpart for the SockJS-client browser library.
  • zmq2 - A Go interface to ZeroMQ (zmq, 0MQ) version 2.
  • zmq3 - A Go interface to ZeroMQ (zmq, 0MQ) version 3.
  • zmq4 - A Go interface to ZeroMQ (zmq, 0MQ) version 4.
  • Grumble - Mumble (VoIP) server implementation
  • go-sslterminator - SSL terminator proxy
  • gobench - HTTP/HTTPS load test and benchmark tool
  • Gorilla WebSocket - WebSocket protocol implementation
  • apiproxy - proxy for HTTP/REST APIs with configurable cache timeouts
  • httpfstream - streaming append and follow of HTTP resources (using WebSockets)
  • goproxy - a programmable HTTP proxy.
  • zero-downtime-daemon - Configurable zero downtime daemon (Hot Update) framework for any kind of TCP,HTTP,FCGI services
  • boom - HTTP(s) benchmarking tool, Apache Benchmark replacement



  • ftp - Package ftp provides a minimal FTP client as defined in RFC 959
  • ftp4go - An FTP client for Go, started as a port of the standard Python FTP client library
  • goftp - A FTP client library

Instant Messaging

  • GoTY - "Go Troll Yourself", minimalist client IRC library
  • go-irc - Simple IRC client library
  • go-xmpp - XMPP client library
  • gobir - Extensible IRC bot with channel administration, seen support, and go documentation querying
  • goexmpp - XMPP client implementation
  • goirc - event-based stateful IRC client framework
  • gorobot - a modular IRC bot
  • irc.go - Go IRC bot framework
  • ircflu - IRC bot with support for commands, scripting and web-hooks

Operating System Interfaces

Other Random Toys, Experiments and Example Code

P2P and File Sharing

  • Taipei-Torrent - A BitTorrent client
  • ed2kcrawler - eDonkey2000 link crawler
  • gobit - Bittorrent Client in Go
  • gop2p - A simple p2p app to learn Go
  • wgo - A simple BitTorrent client based in part on the Taipei-Torrent and gobit code
  • DHT - Kademlia DHT node used by Taipei-Torrent, compatible with BitTorrent


Scanner and Parser Generators

  • ebnf2y - Utility for converting EBNF grammars into yacc compatible skeleton .y files.
  • fsm - FSM (NFA, DFA) utilities.
  • golex - Lex/flex like fast (DFA) scanners generator.
  • gocc - Go Compiler Compiler
  • gopp - Go Parser Parser
  • Ragel - State Machine Compiler

Simulation Modeling

  • godes - Library for building discrete event simulation models


  • funnelsort - Lazy funnel sort -- a cache-oblivious sorting algorithm
  • Sortutil - Nested, case-insensitive, and reverse sorting for Go.
  • sortutil - Utilities supplemental to the Go standard "sort" package
  • tarjan - Graph loop detection function based on Tarjan's algorithm
  • timsort - Fast, stable sort, uses external comparator or sort.Interface

Source Code Management

  • go-deps - Analyzes and recursively installs Go package deps (library functionality similar to go get)
  • go-pkgs - Finds all matching packages in all of the GOPATH trees (library functionality similar to go list all)
  • hggofmt - A Mercurial/hg extension with a hook to
  • nut - Nut is a tool to manage versioned Go source code packages, called "nuts".
  • vcstool - VCS abstraction tool
  • go-diff - A diff command for go languange showing sematic differences of two go source files.
  • go-vcs - clone and check out revs of VCS repositories (git and hg support)
  • go-vcsurl Lenient VCS repository URL parsing library

Strings and Text

  • Black Friday - A markdown processor
  • NTemplate - Nested Templates
  • binarydist - Binary diff and patch
  • columnize - format slice or array into aligned columns
  • csvutil - A heavy duty CSV reading and writing library.
  • dgohash - Collection of string hashing functions, including Murmur3 and others
  • gettext - Feature complete, cgo
  • gettext-go - GNU's gettext support, written in pure Go
  • go-guess - Go wrapper for libguess
  • go-migemo - migemo extension for go (Japanese incremental text search)
  • goini - A go library to parse INI files.
  • golorem - lorem ipsum generator
  • gosphinx - A Go client interface to the Sphinx standalone full-text search engine
  • gpKMP - String-matching in Golang using the Knuth–Morris–Pratt algorithm
  • hangul - Handy tools to manipulate korean character.
  • kasia.go - Templating system for HTML and other text documents
  • kview - Simple wrapper for kasia.go templates. It helps to modularize content of a website
  • mail.go - Parse email messages
  • peg - Parsing Expression Grammer Parser
  • polyglot - String translation utilities for Go
  • pretty.go - Pretty-printing for go values
  • rubex - A simple regular expression library that supports Ruby's regex syntax. It is faster than Regexp.
  • scanner - A text scanner that parses primitive types, analogous to Java's
  • segment - An implementation of Norvig's recursive word segmentation algorithm
  • strogonoff - Stenography with Go
  • strutil - Package strutil collects utils supplemental to the standard strings package.
  • text - Text paragraph wrapping and formatting
  • go-colortext - Change the color of the text and background in the console, working both in Windows and other systems.
  • goskirt - Upskirt markdown library bindings for Go


  • downtest - Automatically run tests for all known downstream consumers of a Go package.
  • go2xunit - Convert "go test -v" output to xunit XML output
  • go.assert - helper functions for the built-in 'testing' package (deleted)
  • goautotest - Automatically run unit tests when code changes are made
  • GoConvey - Browser-based reporting, uses go test, supports traditional Go tests, clean DSL
  • gocov - Code coverage testing/analysis tool
  • ginkgo - BDD Testing Framework for Go.
  • Gocheck - Rich test framework with suites, fixtures, assertions, good error reporting, etc
  • gomega - Ginkgo's Preferred Matcher Library.
  • gomock - a mocking framework for Go.
  • GoSpec - a BDD framework
  • gospecify - another BDD framework
  • go-stat - performant instrumentation/profiling for Go
  • go-tap - TAP (Test Anything Protocol) parser in Go
  • GSpec - Concurrent, minimal, extensible and reliable framework that makes it easy to organize and verify the mind model of software.
  • Nitro - A quick and simple profiler For Golang
  • testflight - Painless http testing in Go
  • terst - A terse, easy-to-use testing library for Go
  • Testify - A set of packages that provide many tools for testifying that your code will behave as you intend.
  • Tideland CGL Asserts - Make asserts during testing and inside of your applications

Virtual Machines and Languages

  • Gelo - Extensible, embeddable interpreter
  • GoForth - A simple Forth parser
  • GoLightly - A flexible and lightweight virtual machine with runtime-configurable instruction set
  • Golog - Prolog interpreter in Go
  • Minima - A language implemented in Go.
  • RubyGoLightly - An experimental port of TinyRb to Go
  • The erGo™ Compiler - An independent implementation of the Go language.
  • forego - Forth virtual machine
  • go-python - go bindings for CPython C-API
  • GoEmPHP - This package is built for Embedding PHP into Golang.
  • goenv - Create an isolated environment where you install Go packages, binaries, or even C libraries. Very similar to virtualenv for Python.
  • golemon - A port of the Lemon parser-generator
  • goll1e - An LL(1) parser generator for the Go programming language.
  • golua - Go wrapper for LUA's C API
  • golua-fork - A fork of GoLua that works on current releases of Go
  • gotcl - Tcl interpreter in Go
  • meme - Scheme interpreter in Go
  • ngaro - A ngaro virtual machine to run retroForth images
  • otto - A JavaScript parser and interpreter written natively in Go
  • monkey - Embed SpiderMonkey, the Mozilla JavaScript engine, in your Go program.
  • go-v8 - V8 JavaScript engine bindings for Go
  • gomruby - mruby (mini Ruby) bindings for Go

Web Applications

  • Digestw - A Web Application - Twitter's Timeline Digest
  • GoURLShortener - A frontend for the http://is.gd/ URL shortener
  • Hugo - A fast and flexible static site generator implemented in Go
  • Já Vai Tarde - Unfollows monitoring for Twitter
  • fourohfourfound - A fallback HTTP server that may redirect requests with runtime configurable redirections
  • goals-calendar - A web-based Seinfeld calendar implemented in Go
  • goblog - A static blog engine
  • gocrawl - A polite, slim and concurrent web crawler.
  • goflash - Flash player implementation in Go language
  • gogallery - simple web server with an emphasis on easily browsing images
  • goof - A simple http server to exchange files over http (upload/download)
  • gopages - A php-like web framework that allows embedding Go code in web pages
  • kurz.go - a url shortener based on web.go and redis
  • Monsti - Resource friendly flat file CMS for private and small business sites.
  • now.go - A simple HTTP-based to-do queue.
  • sf_server - a tiny send file server and client
  • webtf - Web app to graphical visualization of twitter timelines using the HTML5
  • rabbitmq-http - REST API for RabbitMQ

Web Libraries


  • GOAuth - OAuth Consumer
  • goauth - A library for header-based OAuth over HTTP or HTTPS.
  • Go-OAuth - OAuth 1.0 client
  • OAuth Consumer - OAuth 1.0 consumer implementation
  • authcookie - Package authcookie implements creation and verification of signed authentication cookies.
  • totp - Time-Based One-Time Password Algorithm, specified in RFC 6238, works with Google Authenticator
  • dgoogauth - Go port of Google's Authenticator library for one-time passwords
  • go-http-auth - HTTP Basic and HTTP Digest authentication
  • httpauth - HTTP session (cookie) based authentication and authorization
  • httpauth-go - Package httpauth provides utilities to support HTTP authentication policies. Support for both the basic authentication scheme and the digest authentication scheme are provided.
  • oauth1a - OAuth 1.0 client library

DOM handling

  • Cascadia - CSS selector library
  • GoQuery - jQuery-like DOM manipulation library, using Go's experimental HTML package.
  • html-query - A fluent and functional approach to querying HTML.
  • HTML Transform - A CSS selector based html scraping and transformation library

Frameworks and Toolkits

  • Martini - Martini is a popular, lightweight, extensible package for writing modular web apps/services in Go
  • Beego - Beego is an open source version of the scalable, non-blocking web framework.
  • Go-Blog - Blog framework written in Go
  • Golanger - Golanger Web Framework is a lightweight framework for writing web applications in Go.
  • fcgi_client - Go fastcgi client with fcgi params support
  • Goldorak.Go - a web miniframework built using mustache.go, web.go and Go-Redis
  • Gongo Web - Web framework with separate data modeling, control and visualization
  • GoRest - An extensive configuration(tags) based RESTful style web-services framework.
  • HttpRouter - A high performance HTTP request router that scales well
  • Revel - High productivity web framework modeled on Play! Framework
  • Tideland CGL Web - Package for RESTful web applications
  • app.go - Web framework for google app engine
  • browserspeak - Generate HTML templates, CSS or SVG without writing < or >
  • falcore - Modular HTTP server framework
  • go-fastweb - aims to be a simple, small and clean MVC framework for go
  • go-rest - A small and evil REST framework for Go
  • go-restful - lean package for building REST-style Web Services
  • go-start - A high level web-framework for Go
  • go-urlshortener - interface to google's urlshorten API
  • go-webproject - Modular web application framework and app server
  • goku - a Web Mvc Framework for golang, mostly like ASP.NET MVC.
  • golanger - Golanger Web Framework is a lightweight framework for writing web applications in Go
  • gorilla - Gorilla web toolkit
  • goweb - Lightweight RESTful web framework for Go providing Ruby on Rails style routing
  • Gowut - Go Web UI Toolkit is a full-featured, easy to use, platform independent Web UI Toolkit written in pure Go.
  • mango - Mango is a modular web-application framework for Go, inspired by Rack, and PEP333.
  • restclient - Client library for interacting with RESTful APIs.
  • sawsij - Provides a small, opinionated web framework.
  • trinity - MVC framework
  • Tiger Tonic - framework for building JSON web services inspired by Dropwizard
  • web.go - a simple framework to write webapps
  • wfdr - Simple web framework designed for and written in go. Works with other lanauges as well, but not as well.
  • GEP - A simple web framework similar to JSP. Writing dynamic pages knowing only Go and HTML(or Markdown)
  • xweb - A web framework for Go. Just like Struts for Java.
  • forgery - A clone of the superb Node.js web framework Express.

HTML forms

  • gforms - HTML forms for Golang
  • GoForms - Form data validation, cleaning and error reporting - a la django.forms
  • htmlfiller - Fills in html forms with default values and errors a la Ian Bicking's htmlfill for Python
  • MonstiForm - HTML form generator and validator library
  • xsrftoken - A package for generating and validating tokens used in preventing XSRF attacks
  • revel-csrf - Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks prevention for the Revel framework

Public API Wrappers

  • adn - Interface to the App.net API
  • anaconda - Client library for the Twitter 1.1 API
  • clouddns.go - Go library for the Rackspace Cloud DNS API
  • ddg - DuckDuckGo API interface
  • gobo - Client library for Sina Weibo.
  • gocaptcha - gocaptcha provides easy access to the reCaptcha API in go.
  • go-dealmap - Go library for accessing TheDealMap's API
  • go-dropbox - API library for dropbox
  • facebook - Up-to-date facebook graph API client. Handy and flexible.
  • go-facebook - Go implementations of facebook APIs.
  • go-flickr - A wrapper for Flickr's API
  • go-gravatar - Wrapper for the Gravatar API
  • go-libGeoIP - GO Lib GeoIP API for Maxmind
  • gomojo - Instamojo API wrapper
  • gomwapi - Access mediawiki contents like wikipedia, wiktionary in golang
  • googtrans - unofficial go bindings for Google Translate API v2
  • go-recaptcha - Handles reCaptcha form submissions in Go
  • gorecurly - A Client app to use with Recurly's api
  • go.stripe - a simple credit card processing library for Go using the Stripe API
  • Gotank - Searchify's Go client for the IndexTank full-text search API
  • go-tripit - Go API library for the TripIt web services
  • GoTwilio - Twilio library for Go (golang). Very basic at the moment.
  • gravatar - Gravatar image/profile API library
  • justintv - Justin.tv REST API with oauth
  • postmark - Access postmark API from Go
  • reddit.go - Client library for Reddit API
  • shorturl - Generic implementation for interacting with various URL shortening services.
  • Stack on Go - Go wrapper for Stack Exchange API
  • twilio - Simple Twilio API wrapper
  • twittergo - Client library for Twitter's API


  • adhoc-http - Quick & dirty HTTP static file server
  • assets - Helps prepares CSS and JS files for development and production of Go web apps.
  • bwl - a set of libraries to help build web sites
  • captcha - Image and audio captcha generator and server
  • gaerecords - Lightweight wrapper around appengine/datastore providing Active Record and DBO style management of data
  • get2ch-go - a library to access the 2channel Japanese web bulletin board
  • go-gzip-file-server - A net.http.Handler similar to FileServer that serves gzipped content
  • go-httpclient - a Go HTTP client with timeouts
  • go-pkg-rss - a packages that reads RSS and Atom feeds
  • go-rss - Simple RSS parser, tested with Wordpress feeds.
  • go-twitter - another Twitter client
  • go-twitter-oauth - a simple Twitter client (supports OAuth)
  • gohaml - An implementation of the popular XHTML Abstraction Markup Language using the Go language.
  • gojwt - Json Web Tokens for Go
  • goreman - foreman clone
  • goroute - A very simple URL router based on named submatches of regular expression that works well with http.Handler .
  • gorouter - Simple router for go to process url variables
  • goscribble - An MPD Audioscrobble
  • GoSrv - A Go HTTP server that provides simple command line functionality, config loading, request logging, graceful connection shutdown, and daemonization.
  • grender - Go static site generator
  • halgo - HAL-compliant API client and serialisation library.
  • http-gonsole - Speak HTTP like a local. (the simple, intuitive HTTP console, golang version)
  • httprpc - HTTP RPC codecs (json2, soap, rest)
  • HypeCMS - A flexible CMS built with Go and MongoDb.
  • Kontl - A client for kon.tl's URL shortening service
  • mustache.go - an implementation of the Mustache template language
  • muxer - Simple muxer for a Go app without regexp
  • Optimus Sitemap Generator - A universal XML sitemap generator
  • passwordreset - Creation and verification of secure tokens useful for implementation of "reset forgotten password" feature in web applications.
  • pat - A Sinatra style pattern muxer
  • persona - remote verification API for persona
  • plex - simple, small, light, regexp http muxer with chaining
  • purell - tiny Go library to normalize URLs
  • pusher.go - HTTP Server Push module for the standard http package
  • rest.go (forked) - forked rest.go for improvements and REST consistency
  • rest2go - Based on rest.go, forked for improvements and REST consistency
  • robotstxt - The robots.txt exclusion protocol implementation. Allows to parse and query robots.txt file.
  • RSS-Go - RSS and ATOM feed reader package for the Go programming language.
  • seshcookie - A web session library inspired by Beaker
  • user_agent - An HTTP User-Agent parser
  • webdriver - WebDriver (Selenium) client
  • webtestutil - Web and HTTP functional testing utilities. Includes Gorilla testing support.
  • gorefit - A library for theming existing websites


  • Windows Command Line Shutdow - A tool to shutdown Windows Computer from Command Prompt
  • gform - An easy to use Windows GUI toolkit for Go
  • go-Windows-begin - for the absolute Windows-Go beginner
  • go-ole - win32 ole implementation for golang
  • w32 - Windows API wrapper for Go.
  • walk - "Windows Application Library Kit" for the Go Programming Language


  • unixsums - Legacy Unix checksums: cksum, sum

Unsorted; please help!

The following entries have not been filed. Please help by putting these in relevant categories.

  • Twackup - Backs up your tweets into local files
  • domainerator - Command line tool to combine wordlist and suffixes/TLDs into domain names and check if they are registered or not
  • ebml-go - EBML decoder
  • gmail2go - Simple gmail multiple accounts cli mail checker
  • go-bindata - Converts any file into manageable Go source code for embedding binary data into a Go program.
  • go-cron - A small cron job system to handle scheduled tasks, such as optimizing databases or kicking idle users from chat. The cron.go project was renamed to this for go get compatibility.
  • go-gmetric - Ganglia gmetric protocol support
  • go-nat-pmp - A client for the NAT-PMP protocol used in Apple and open-source routers
  • go-osx-xattr - Package xattr wraps OS X functions to manipulate the extended attributes of a file, directory and symbolic link.
  • go-webfinger - Simple Client Implementation of WebFinger
  • go.psl - Go regdom-libs/public suffix list
  • goconsistenthash - Consistent hashing library (based on http://www.lexemetech.com/2007/11/consistent-hashing.html)
  • godebiancontrol - Golang debian control file parser
  • gographviz - Graphviz DOT language parser for golang
  • golor - golor is a command line tool for golang source code coloring
  • golsys - A library for building an evaluating Lindenmayer systems.
  • gopcapreader - Presents realtime pcap data as io.Reader objects
  • gostax - A Streaming API for XML (StAX) in go
  • httptail - tools push stdout/stderr to http chunked
  • humanize - formats large numbers into human readable small numbers
  • humanize-bytes - Command-line utilities to convert "MiB" etc to raw numbers, and back
  • img-LinuxFr.org - A reverse-proxy cache for external images used on LinuxFr.org
  • netstat-nat - Display NAT entries on Linux systems
  • seed - Easily seed PRNGs with some entropy
  • spellabc - Package spellabc implements spelling alphabet code word encoding.
  • stressdisk - Stress test your disks / memory cards / USB sticks before trusting your valuable data to them
  • strftime - strftime implementation
  • validation - Simple independent struct/key-value validation
JSON 测试技术 Go
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JSON Java Go
Go 语言性能优化技巧
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Cloud Native Java Go
GO logo的核心理念,即简单胜于复杂。使用现代斜体无衬线字体与三条简单的运动线相结合,形成一个类似于快速运动的两个轮子的标记,传达速度和效率。字母的圆形暗示了GO地鼠的眼睛,创造了一个熟悉的形状,让标记和吉祥物很好地搭配在一起。
19 4
设计模式 Go
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存储 Go
18 1
【7月更文挑战第10天】`fmt` 包在 Go 语言中用于格式化输出,包括不同类型的占位符:%v(默认格式)、%+v(带字段名的结构体)、%#v(Go语法表示)、%T(类型表示)、%%(百分号)。布尔值用%t,整数有%b、%c、%d、%o、%q、%x、%X和%U。浮点数和复数用%b、%e、%E、%f、%g、%G。字符串和字节切片用%s、%q、%x、%X。指针用%p。占位符可配合+、-、#、空格和0进行调整。宽度和精度控制输出格式,例如 %.4g 控制小数精度。Go 没有 `%u`,但无符号整数默认打印为正数。运算符包括逻辑、比较、加减、乘除、移位、按位和按位异或等。
18 1
存储 Go 索引
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安全 Go
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安全 Go 开发者
在Go并发编程中,由于普通map不是线程安全的,多goroutine访问可能导致数据竞态。为保证安全,可使用`sync.Mutex`封装map或使用从Go 1.9开始提供的`sync.Map`。前者通过加锁手动同步,后者内置并发控制,适用于多goroutine共享。选择哪种取决于具体场景和性能需求。
9 0
存储 安全 Java
Go语言的map默认不保证并发安全,以优化性能和简洁性。官方建议在需要时使用`sync.Mutex`保证安全。从Go 1.6起,并发读写map会导致程序崩溃,鼓励开发者显式处理并发问题。这样做的哲学是让代码更清晰,并避免不必要的性能开销。
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