分享20个最新的免费 UI 设计素材给设计师

简介:   用户界面设计涉及到很多的创意,灵感以及需要与客户进行有效沟通的技能。良好的用户界面是一致的,可以使网站更容易理解和使用。UI设计的重点在于用户体验和互动,同时易于使用对于一个成功的移动应用程序来说非常重要。

  用户界面设计涉及到很多的创意,灵感以及需要与客户进行有效沟通的技能。良好的用户界面是一致的,可以使网站更容易理解和使用。UI设计的重点在于用户体验和互动,同时易于使用对于一个成功的移动应用程序来说非常重要。在这篇文章中,我们收集了20个最新的免费 UI 设计素材给设计师。



1. Apple Watch UI Kit

apple watch ui kit
TheDesignBlog has created an Apple Watch UI Kit. It is a flat UI Kit that has most of the elements that you would find in the soon to be Apple Watch. The UI Kit is currently in red, however you can change this to any colour you wish.

2. Free iOS 8 Vector UI Kit

Mercury has released free vector UI kit for iOS 8. This file is compatible with Adobe Illustrator CC and newer. They’ve focused on making this file pixel-perfect. Everything is on a pixel, when possible, so that all assets are sharp and clean. They have also grouped like elements together so that it’s easy for you to grab an asset and drag it to your file or do isolated editing.

3. OH No Not Another UI Kit

oh no not another ui kit
Oh No Not Another UI Kit is a simple, flat free mobile and web ui kit available as free psd under MIT Licence.

4. iPhone UI kit

iphone6 ui kit
iPhone 6 UI kit was created for iPhone 6 and includes all retina quality elements, it was carefully crafted with scalable vectors to adjust to any phone size.

5. Modern UI Kit

modern ui kit
Modern UI Kit is a simple, elegant and free modern user interface pack available as a free PSD download under MIT licence. Modern UI Kit is a large user interface kit containing hundreds of ui elements, which will help you design nice user interface in Photoshop with ease. They are designed in vector, so that you can resize them as you like.

6. Flat UI Kit

flat ui kit
It’s a small selection of web and UI elements. It’s based on Bootstrap and it’s flat and you are free to use it.

7. Awesome Ux Kit

awesome ux kit
Awesome UX kit is a free set of 26 Adobe Illustrator wireframe templates and two custom brushes, designed by George Vasyagin. At this point “Awesome UX kit” is totally FREE and comes for iOS7 (iPhone) version only. Tablet and Desktop versions coming.

8. Retina UI Web Kit

retina ui web kit
This UI kit is optimized for high resolution screens with Retina quality elements. The zip folder contains two files, one with UI elements and another for a sample page mock.

9. Flatastic Mobile UI Kit

flatastic ui kit
Flatastic Mobile UI Kit is a large user interface kit containing hundreds of mobile ui elements, which will help you design mobile user interface in Photoshop with ease. There are sets of icons, and actions have been included in the kit. The package includes more than 100 elements. It support both Standard and Retina Display.

10. MixKit

MixKit – Ui Kit, is a modern, unique and clean UI Kit, suitable for your Modern style websites. PSD is fully editable and well organized layers. You can easily change its color, Size and Style. “MixKit” is very suitable for Bootstrap Designs.

11. Free Material UI Kit

free material ui kit
A free limited version of, organized and retina-ready set of premium components and templates across 7 content categories to bring your next big ideas to life.

12. FooKit

FooKit – Web Footer PSD Kit, contains pixel perfect footers with modern style. 9 footers Ready to use, However you can change and edit them according to your satisfaction and requirements, Changing colors, Styles, Column width and size can be done easily.

13. Hero UI Kit

hero free ui kit
Hero UI is all free kit. You can use project psd for your inspiration or new web-projects.

14. Clino UI Kit

clino free ui kit
Clino UI Kit is a simple set of UI elements in PSD format, that will suit most modern design projects.

15. Number One UI Kit

number one free ui kit
Component-based UI Kit with tons of elements, focusing on one and only topic: Sports. ‘Number One’ is a consistent retina-ready set of components to build your next app or website. It’s a fully vector-based PSD file ready for scale, just prepare your graphics.

16. Winter UI Kit

winter ui kit
A simple, retina ready flat Winter UI KIT (FREE PSD) for personal and commercial use.

17. eShop UI Kit

eshop ui kit
eShop – Ui Kit, is a modern, unique and clean UI Kit, suitable for your online shops projects. PSD is fully editable and well organized layers. You can easily change its color, Size and Style. “eShop” is very suitable for Bootstrap Designs.

18. Basiliq Freelance UI Kit

Its a beautiful hand-crafted set of icons for mockups. There are 300 little bits and pieces and bells and whistles. You can assemble anything from them. For example, mobile YouTube, Facebook and Foursquare UI.

19. Clean and Light Gradient UI Kit

clean and light gradient ui kit
This light dashboard UI kit features line icons and subtle gradients.

20. Free Android UI Kit

free android ui kit
Free Android UI Kit is a free UI kit with 8 smart objects including profile, feed, photos, notifications, etc.




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