The Olympic Games on the Cloud

简介: The intersection between sports and technology is constantly evolving. Now, with Alibaba Cloud ET Sports Brain, you can experience the Olympic Games like never before.


For over a century, the modern Olympic Games have always been a product of the times. From the industrial age to the Internet era and today's information era, the Olympic Games have been keeping up with inventions and advancement of technology. The Olympic Games Paris 1924, for instance, was the first time the Olympic Games were broadcast live over the radio. In London 1948, the Olympic Games were available to millions of viewers on television for the first time. More recently at the Atlanta 1996 Games, it was possible for the first time to watch the Olympic Games online over the Internet.

Nowadays, with a new wave of global digital transformation, the Olympic Games once again look to the possibilities of the latest technologies today. At the opening of the 127th IOC Session in Monaco on December 7, 2014, the President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach said, "We need to change because sport today is too important in society to ignore the rest of society. We are not living alone on an island; we are living in the midst of a modern, diverse, and digital society.” The future of the Olympic Games is at a turning point of reform and transformation.

Just as the Olympic Games represents the highest arena of sport, Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, represents the pinnacle of cloud technology and will transform, diversify and digitize the Olympics to provide a new level of inclusivity. Alibaba Cloud will digitally transform the Olympics’ infrastructure, experience, athletic performance, and communication.

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