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 Sources of Insight 是Improving Web Application SecurityImproving .NET Application Performance and Scalability, 和 Team Development with Team Foundation Server三本书的作者J.D. Meier的一个个人搜集好书、工作和生活的网站,值得一看。不过都是英文的,我英语也不好,好多时候都是借助于金山词霸一起看:)

以下他觉得2009年较好的blog的一个汇总:Best of Sources of Insight 2009

Top 10 Posts of 2009

  1. 3 Thinking Techniques to Improve Your Intellectual Horsepower– Solve tough problems, win friends, and rise above conflict, simply bylearning three techniques for thinking and getting curious.
  2. Don’t Always Go for the Long Shot – You’ll miss all the beautiful middle along the way.
  3. How To Think Like Bill Gates– Yes, thinking is a skill and who better to learn from than the guythat’s applied deliberate practice to the power of thinking over a lifetime.
  4. Living Your Process– Tired? Listless? Rundown? … Do you poop out at parties? …. what youneed is an approach to get your groove on and life life on your terms. It’s the power of your personal process.
  5. PM Skills for Life– Project Management is both an art and a science, but you can use thepower of project management to make things happen in your life.
  6. Productivity Personas– Are you a “starter” or a “finisher”?  … “maximizer or simplifier”? …“achiever or day dreamer?” … Use the productivity personas to improveyour self-awareness and get a new lens on productivity.
  7. The Power of the Pause – OMG, Vered’s Peanut Butter Cookie’slook so good!  But wait … let me use the power of the pause and to*choose* my best response … OK, so peanut butter cookies turns out tobe my best choice after all, but now it’s a mindful choice and I’mresponding over reacting.
  8. What 16 Movies Teach Us About Life and Leadership– Just when you thought you had safely escaped reality, low and behold,there are insights everywhere.  From 300 to Raiders of the Lost Ark,there’s something to bring back to the real world and take your game upa notch.
  9. What’s Your One-Liner Super Hero Power– Everybody has one. Whether it’s “making others great” or “powerfulconnector” or “writing weird songs,” find your super hero power andmake it your differentiator to make your unique contribution to theworld, play to your strengths, and stand out in the marketplace.
  10. You 2.0– This is arguably my most important post for the year.  It’s a verysimple way to find your purpose, live your values, and play to yourstrengths.  It’s your core.  It’s your firm foundation.  It’s also away to reinvent yourself by dropping what’s not working for you, andcarrying the good forward.  It really is, You 2.0.

Featured Guests
DrRichardKirschnerWho better to learn insights and action from than some of the world’s bestselling authors and some experts at the top of their game?   This pastyear I had some amazing people share some of their best lessons learned:

Lessons Learned … “Stand on the shoulders of Giants”
LessonsLearnedFromOprahWinfreyD“If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants” … great words from Isaac Newton.

I’m a fan of standing on the shoulders of giants over starting fromscratch.  With the power of the Web, we can learn from everybody aroundthe world, from the unsung hero, to the every Joe, to heroes of thepast and present.  We can all stand on the shoulders of giants:

  • Lessons Learned from Bruce Lee– He was more than a martial arts master and movie star.  Bruce wasalso a personal development master and a philosopher with amazing wordsof wisdom who taught us to be our best, push the envelope, and livelife on your own terms.
  • Lessons Learned from Colin Powell–Colin cuts right to the chase on what it means to be a great leaderand he gives us 18 powerful lessons we can use for leading our self andleading others.
  • Lessons Learned from Guy Kowasaki– Guy teaches us to make meaning and “don’t worry be crappy.”  He alsoteaches us it’s about the experience and to align your interests.
  • Lessons Learned from John deVadoss– John teaches us “if you’re explaining, you’re losing” and  “everybodyhas flaws.”   He has a way with words and a great way of boiling thingsdown to their essence.
  • Lessons Learned from the “Last Lecture”– Randy Pausch teaches us to choose between Tigger or Eeyore and tolive our childhood dreams.  He also teaches us leadership skills fromCaptain Kirk, how to apologize properly, and that if you lead your lifethe right way, your dreams will come to you.
  • Lessons Learned from Oprah Winfrey– Oprah teaches us to live your best life, declutter your life, andsurround yourself with an A-team.  Oprah is a master of her own destinyand helps lift others up.
  • Lessons Learned from Peter Drucker– Drucker is the man when it comes to management and effectiveness.  Hewas ahead of his time and he paved a beautiful trail of wisdom andinsight for time management, productivity, and knowledge work.



Quotes are a great way to share the wisdom of the ages and modernday sages.  This last year, I put together some quotes collections forimportant topics.   If you study the collections, some of the wordsmight just sing to your heart or give you the just insight you’ve beenlooking for:

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