[IE编程] 了解Urlmon.dll和Wininet.dll

Windows 网络编程常用的API库有Winsock,Wininet 和 Urlmon。Winsock 实现了基本的套接字(socket)功能, 而 wininet 和 urlmon在winsock 的基础上封装了HTTP, FTP, WWW 的协议。 这篇文章 《Under the Hood: WinINet》( http://blogs.technet.com/askperf/archive/2007/08/21/under-the-hood-wininet.aspx) 可以很好帮助了解wininet 和 urlmon 的功能和区别。
Caching, History, Cookie Management 
Authentication - Basic, NTLM, Kerberos 
Connections - Both secure (schannel) and non-secure 
Dial-up, Direct, Proxy 
Protocol and HTTP header management 
URL Parsing – breaking down URLs into the protocol used (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, File, Gopher), address, and target. 
GZIP compression/decompression – provides support for GZIP HTTP compression to deflate and inflate data.  IE6 and IE7 handle this slightly differently.  In IE7 this functionality is handled by WinINet. 
Security and Zone Management – Identifies security zones, zone crossings, permissions, etc. 
Asynchronous Pluggable Protocol Filter/Handler – correlates appropriate the protocol to the registered handler (HTTP, HTTPS, MAILTO, FILE, etc.). 
Code Download Management, Install On Demand, and Just-In-Time. 
Forms requests from the URL – creates the outbound data package and hands it off to WININET for transfer. 
MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension) type management – examines the MIME type for data returned in an HTTP response and correlates that type with a specific handler. For example, URLMON would open a Microsoft Word document (MIME type .doc) with Microsoft Word. If the MIME type is not clear from the response, URLMON is capable of examining the binary data to determine the appropriate MIME type. MIME is described more thoroughly in RFC1521.

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前段时间写jsfw [ JavaScript FrameWork ],写完后发现每刷新一次内存就升大几百K,用一个小时IE内存占用高到一两百M。看了以下文章,五个分类我犯了四个,问题是找到了,不过改起来很累 ---------------------------以下文章不知道是从哪Copy来的------------------- 在IE下的JS编程中,以下的编程方式都会造成即使关闭IE也无法释放内存的问题,下面分类给出:1、给DOM对象添加的属性是一个对象的引用。
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