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windows 关闭 激活验证

简介: 方法一:使用以下代码作成.bat文件保存后,在启动完成windows 2008 R2之后,以管理员身份运行就可以解决问题taskkill /f /im wlms.exeping -n  4 127.

方法一:使用以下代码作成.bat文件保存后,在启动完成windows 2008 R2之后,以管理员身份运行就可以解决问题
taskkill /f /im wlms.exe
ping -n  4
shutdown -a


仍重新启动的话需及时格外》运行》shutdown -a(取消重启/关闭)




What is wlms.exe - wlms.exe Analysis

wlms.exe file is part of the Windows operating system. wlms.exe most likely arrives with preinstalled software on your computer. The actual folder location is also listed on your hard drive at C:\windows\system32\wlms.exe. Please always verify where it is located on your hard drive, as this will ensure it is not spyware or adware simply placed elsewhere on your computer, and using the same name wlms.exe in an attempt to fool you.

A clean dll file is important for handling many windows tasks, and is required for your system to be stable. However, if the wlms.exe file is false or infected, it will act like spyware or virus, and make your computer encounter a disastrous 

How to fix wlms.exe virus completely and quickly?

Make sure that although wlms.exe and many files are always in default file locations, some files can easily be moved to different locations or change names like many spyware, adware, or popup programs do. If you suspect you have spyware or adware, check to see if you see a similar name wlms.exe stored elsewhere. It always helps you check your tasklist also see what is currently running on your computer. 

You can always view the tasklist on your PC by pressing ctrl-alt-del to view your "task manager", and then click the "processes" tab. This will show you all tasks running on your computer. wlms.exe files will NOT show on your computer tasklist, as wlms.exe files are actually part of other processes. You may see similar program names running if spyware or adware is on your computer, for instance, ati2evxx.dll may be slightly misspelled to keep you from finding it, or spyware and adware may be named very similar to a system file. Make sure always check the location of tasks or processes if you are concerned to remove wlms.exe virus.

If you want to remove wlms.exe virus automatically, just follow the step-by-step below.

1. Download and install the powerful antispyware software. Before you install the spyware removal tool, make sure you have saved and shut down all the programs that are currently running on your PC.

2. Click ��?a href="">Scan��?button to check out your computer completely.

3. Once the wlms.exe virus is detected, click ��?a href="">Remove��?to delete wlms.exe virus.

If you are finding, although having installed antivirus software, your computer is also getting infected. You have to update the antivirus software program. This can help you in getting the most powerful tool to avoid virus issue on your PC. It is highly recommended to download and install Spyware Remover, which can automatically update its database to prevent your computer being attacked by virus.



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