A command line tool for Apache ZooKeeper
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$ cnpm install zook -g
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Zook is a command line tool for Apache ZooKeeper. The command should be as simple as like the following:

$ zook exists --path /zookeeper/quota

This will check the existence of the zookeeper node with given path: /zookeeper/quota.

Zook is built on top of alexguan/node-zookeeper-client and as that module noted it is currently tested to work with ZooKeeper version 3.4.*.


Zook is a command like tool so it is strongly recommended to install globally with -d option.

$ npm install zook -g


Create a node.

$ zook create --path /zook --data hello!

Remove a node.

$ zook remove --path /zook


This usage can also be printed by zook -h or zook --help.

Usage: zook <command> [options]

  exists  Check existence of a node
  create  Create a node
  remove  Delete a node

  -h, --help  Show help                                                [boolean]

  zook exists -s localhost:2181 -p /zookeeper/quota

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