Webpack plugin for deduplicating transitive dependencies
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$ cnpm install webpack-deduplication-plugin 
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Webpack Deduplication Plugin

Plugin for webpack that de-duplicates transitive dependencies in yarn and webpack-based projects.


Import it from the package

const { WebpackDeduplicationPlugin } = require('webpack-deduplication-plugin');

And add it to your webpack config:

plugins: [
    new WebpackDeduplicationPlugin({
        cacheDir: cacheDirPath,
        rootPath: rootPath,


  • cacheDirPath - absolute path to the directory where the cache of the duplicates will be stored. Cache is based on the content of yarn.lock file and will be updated with every change. If not provided then the duplicates will be re-generated with every run.
  • rootPath - absolute path to the root of the project. If not provided it will be auto-detected by app-root-path plugin




Contributions to Webpack Deduplication Plugin are welcome! Please see CONTRIBUTING.md for details.


Copyright (c) 2020 Atlassian and others. Apache 2.0 licensed, see LICENSE file.

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