Get text data for a defined file path.
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$ cnpm install vamtiger-get-file-text 
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VAMTIGER Get Path Data

VAMTIGER Get File Text returns text for a defined file path.


VAMTIGER Get File Text can be installed using npm or yarn:

npm i vamtiger-get-file-text 


yarn add vamtiger-get-file-text


Import or require a referece to VAMTIGER Get File Text:

import getFileText from 'vamtiger-get-file-text';


const getFileText = require('vamtiger-get-file-text').default;

VAMTIGER Get File Text will return text for defined file path.:

const fileText = getFileText('some/file/absolute/path')

Since VAMTIGER Get File Text returns a Promise, it can be more conveniently executed within an async function:

async someAsyncFunction function() {
    const fileText = await getFileText('some/file/absolute/path');

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