A native DOM component wrapper for embedded tweets
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$ cnpm install twitter-component 
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A native DOM component wrapper for embedded tweets.


// Vanilla JS example
var TwitterComponent = require('twitter-component')

var tweet1 = new TwitterComponent()
var tweet2 = new TwitterComponent()



$ npm install twitter-component


TwitterComponent = require('twitter-component)

Import TwitterComponent component class.

tweet = new TwitterComponent([opts])

Create a new instance of the twitter component. opts is an options objec that can have the following options:

  placeholder: true // Enables placeholder text while loading tweet cards


Returns a div that, when mounted into the page, will be the target of twttr.widgets.createTweet. Mounting the DOM node returned by .render will also load into the page, and any other side-effects and visitor tracking implications that script brings along with it.

Twitter employees: Please release a module version of because this took 5 hours of freetime™ of just trying to get caught up with your ever changing API and widget ecosystem.

Native DOM component model powered by nanocomponent and nanomorph.



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