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$ cnpm install turnup 
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Manage NPM dependencies across repositories, users, projects, teams, and orgs.


It's recommended to install turnup globally as it stores runtime configuration in your home directory.

> yarn global add turnup
> npm install -g turnup


For teams and individuals that rely heavily on NPM modules, it gets cumbersome to move changes upstream. When you update one package, a lot of menial work is done to update packages that depend on it, branch and commit, and finally review those changes. Although a monorepo structure avoids this difficulty entirely, not all scenarios allow for it (especially in orgs where teams have poorly-defined functional dependencies on each other -- see Conway's Law)

Example Use Case

It might be beneficial to think of turnup as the inverse of lerna.

Let's say you host your team's source code in a GitHub org, and you have 25 repositories that all rely on various versions of Jest. You can ask turnup to update Jest across every repo using:

> turnup update jest@latest --owner <teamname>

The update command asks which repositories to update and generates new lock files, creates branches, commits the changes, and initiates pull requests. After this process, a common practice would be for your CI to take over and ensure that tests and builds succeed (and potentially deploy!)


Adapters are the method by which turnup interacts with SCM hosts. Turnup supports GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket. If there is a host you would like to use turnup with, consider contributing!


Configure an Adapter

After installing turnup, you will first need to add authentication for the adapter you would like to use. You may also specify a default adapter for all commands.

For example, you can add a personal access token for GitHub by runnning:

> turnup adapter configure github

To see a list of available adapters, see the help for the configure command. Now you may add GitHub as your default adapter.

> turnup adapter default github

Upating a Module

As shown in the introduction, turnup's main command is update, which will automate updating an NPM dependency across many repositories.

The update command accepts a single argument with many options. The first argument can be:

  1. A name and version number, as in what you would type into npm install. Ex: turnup update webpack@4.5.0
  2. A path to a local directory containing a package.json. Ex: turnup update . (useful if you have just published a new version of the package in the current directory)

A required option is any option that specifies target repositories.

option short description
--repos -r Array of full repository names (owner/name)
--owner -o Single owner to find repositories


Generating lockfiles (package-lock.json, yarn.lock) is the default functionality of the update command but can be turned off through the --no-lockfile option. Lockfiles are also only generated if it already exists in the repository.


Turnup is aware of yarn.lock and will use yarn rather than npm to create the lockfile if it exists in the repository.


We welcome all contributors. Before making changes, be sure to review the Issues. If you found a bug or are interested in a new feature, please create an issue to get some discussion going.


Aaron Godin - aarongodin


This is just for my own sake right now while I build out turnup's first minor version.

  • 100% test coverage
  • update command
    • Allow a path to be passed instead of a package name and version
    • Accept an owner arg to search against users and orgs
    • Change the repos positional arg to be optional
    • Accept tags in the way that npm install does
    • Handle yarn
    • Accept --no-lockfile option
    • Accept --no-pr option
  • GitLab adapter
  • Bitbucket adapter
  • Allow configuring the remote URL base for an adapter
  • Handle API rate limits

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