Tools to help maintain code style when using TypeScript and Blueprint
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$ cnpm install tslint-blueprint 
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TSLint rules to enforce best practices with blueprintjs libraries


Sample configuration where tslint.json lives adjacent to your node_modules folder:

  "extends": ["tslint:latest", "tslint-blueprint"]


Coming soon!


We track rule suggestions on Github issues -- here's a useful link to view all the current suggestions. Tickets are roughly triaged by priority (P1, P2, P3).

We're happy to accept PRs for new rules, especially those marked as Status: Accepting PRs. If submitting a PR, try to follow the same style conventions as the core TSLint project.

Quick Start (requires Node v6+, yarn v0.18):

  1. yarn
  2. yarn compile
  3. yarn lint
  4. ./scripts/verify.sh


See the Github release history.

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