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ts-audit is a Typescript transform plugin that verifies external data structures match what you expect them to be inside your typescript ecosystem.

Typescript's safety guarentees can only work on data that originated inside your code. Performing a type assertion on a JSON object downloaded from an external API or library can lead to odd, hard to debug, runtime errors that Typescript would otherwise have prevented at compile time. ts-audit solves that by verifying that external data structures match the structure of the types inside your system before you can start to interact with them. What this provides is a barrier between your safe and unsafe code and clearly shows when untyped data doesn't match your expections. We can't stop mismatched expectations from occurring at runtime, but we can do is isolate where they can occur and provide clear indicators of where a mismatch occured and why.

Before Using

Please read and understand the known issues before consuming. We're working to fix these issues, but in the meantime, you may have to adapt your project's workflow to utilize this project effectively.


You'll need to install two packages, ts-audit and ttypescript which is used to run the transform plugin. (You'll still need typescript as ttypescript uses whatever version of typescript you have installed)

npm install --save-dev ts-audit ttypescript

Your tsconfig.json will need to be modified to use ts-audit during the compilation process.

    "compilerOptions": {
        /* Basic Options */
        "plugins": [
                "transform": "ts-audit",
        /* ... */

Finally, you'll need to change your build setup to use ttsc instead of tsc.

And you're ready to go!!!!!!


All you have to do to use ts-audit is use assertIsType or isType from the library, making sure to annotate the type of the assigned value.

import { assertIsType } from 'ts-audit';

enum Animal {
    Cat = 'cat',
    Dog = 'dog',
    Goat = 'goat',

interface UserData {
    username: string;
    phoneNumber: string;
    age: number;
    pet: Animal;
    notes?: string;

const fredsData: UserData = assertIsType(await fetchUser('fred'));

const rawData: unknown = await fetchUser('jake');
if (isType<UserData>(rawData)) {
    // rawData is typeGuarded as UserData if true
    assert(rawData.username === 'jake');

In this example fetchUser hits an API that returns a JSON object that we expect to match UserData. If the object matches correctly, then we can use it safely in our system using the power of the typescript type-system. If there's a mispelling, missing required key, or type-mismatch we'll throw a runtime error indicating that the JSON returned does not match what we were expecting.


This does not work for classes, functions, or pretty much anything else that's not supported by JSON-schema. The type sent to validateFunction must be a concrete type. This will NOT work if given a generic argument. ALSO, this has only been tested in a node environment. This may require some additional work to get it working in the browser, but it should be pretty close already if not. JSON schema allow some forms of validation (such as string length) that this tool currently does not.

Known Issues

These are some known issues. There may be more unknown...

  • This does not support primitive types unless they are aliased.
  • Importing as a named import is the only way to currently interact with ts-audit.
  • Watch mode does not appear to work correctly on the consuming project when altering code using the ts-audit library.
  • The validations file does not update properly when using incremental mode.
  • There appear to be typechecker issues when using ts-node.
    • If you wish to test your project using something like mocha, then instead of relying on ts-node, you can build a tsconfig.test.json (if necessary) or just use ttsc --outDir=.test and then run your test framework from there. For example: ttsc --outDir=.test && nyc mocha --reporter=dot ".test/**/*.spec.js"

Other Similar Projects

  • typescript-is - This project currently only supports inline validations which means it replaces your validation calls with conditionals checking in-line with your code. This MAY lead to more performant checking. I want to do some performance analysis/code gen analysis against this project at some point.
  • There are some code-gen tools that will take somelike like a Swagger or API Blueprint doc and generate typescript interfaces in your codebase; Then use swagger validate to validate against the API. If you're using Swagger or similar API documentation framework to drive out your serialized structures, then this is probably a better way to go.

Directory Structure

Overview of the project via directory structure. May help you understand how the code works.

  • /src - Source for the transformer
    • /src/astGenerators - Functions that generate the AST to be output in the runtime.
    • /src/utils - Various utilities for making code more DRY and readable. This needs some love.
    • /src/transforms - The code that transforms that validation calls inline to use the runtime.
    • /src/buildRuntimeValidator.ts - Given the schema definitions, this is responsible for actually building the generated javascript file used.
    • /src/config.ts - Global configuration values that should eventually be made user-config.
    • /src/errors.ts - Util for building up user-friendly error list for compile-time issues from ts-audit that typescript doesn't report.
    • /src/main.ts - Entry point for typescript compiler to invoke the transformer
    • /src/schemaDB.ts - Class that contains all definitions of types being runtime-checked. Ultimately dumps the schema definition list to the runtime.
    • /src/validationVisitor.ts - The code which visits all the nodes attemping to find ts-audit functions/imports and transforming them correctly.
  • /tests - Tests testing the transformer and schema validation
    • /tests/valid - Tests that build and run to completion (including testing bad schemas)
    • /tests/invalid - A series of files that should fail at build time.

Running Tests

npm test

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