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$ cnpm install trumpline 
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Ever feel down in the dumps after tirelessly hacking away at a bug that just won't fix?

Well guess what, its time to revitalize your spirit! Time to realize that you aren't the dumbest person on earth.

What's the best way to do that? Read random Donald Trump headlines from CNN, of course...

So next time, before you tear your hair off, have a laugh at someone who only has a wig to tear off:

$ trumpline
$ Trump to NYT on Heidi Cruz retweet: 'Yeah, it was a mistake'
$ trumpline
$ Trump on Trump: How to get revenge

Have fun!


Real easy. Just uses a package called feed-read to grab recent CNN headlines from their Politics section. Then filters our all articles without "Trump" in the headline. Then it maps only the title and link of each article to a new array, and logs one of them out using a random number.

To do:

  • Color/highlight output (using Chalk?)
  • Pull stories from other new feeds than CNN
  • Automatically start server and launch local website with HTML contents of article from CNN RSS feed?

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