Use `trace` and `clarify` if supported by the current node version
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$ cnpm install trace-and-clarify-if-possible 
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Use trace and clarify if supported by the current node version

trace and clarify can help greatly to analyze stack-traces

  • trace shows the part of the stack that would otherwise disappear due to asynchronous callbacks
  • clarify removes uninteresting parts of the stack

Sadly, trace can is only compatible with NodeJS version >=4. It makes sense to include trace in your tests all the time (not in production code though). However, when you run the test in Travis CI with multiple node versions <4, the tests will break.

This package include trace and clarify only for supported node versions.


npm install trace-and-clarify-if-possible


Put the following line a module that is loaded at the start of your program or testcase-spec (remember, do not use in production).


Or, you can put --require trace-and-clarify-if-possible into yourtest/mocha.opts` to activate it for all tests


trace-and-clarify-if-possible is published under the MIT-license.

See for details.


For release notes, see

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