UI Automation testing without writing code
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Welcome to the CodeSpecJS. A Protractor and Cucumber.JS based framework that allow users to write UI Automation Tests without writing a single line of code.

Gherkin grammar is very popular among many BDD frameworks. CodeSpecJS is targeting to take it to the next level by eliminating the need to write code associated with the Gherkin grammar.

Key Feature

Getting Started

Step 1: Setting up the development environment

  1. You need to install NodeJs with NPM . You'll also need to install and configure Git .
  2. Latest version of Chrome

Step 2: Clone the project

git clone https://github.com/99xt/CodeSpecJS.git

Step 3: Install node packages

Step inside the project root folder and issue the following command to install node dependencies.

npm install

Step 4: Let's start writing our first UI Automation test

Under the "features" folder create a new file called "sample.feature". copy and paste the specification given below

Feature: As a user I want to test http://automationpractice.com so that I can search for t-shirts and blouses
    Scenario: Search for t-shirt
        Given Navigate to "http://automationpractice.com"
        And Wait for "Main search bar" with the "id" of "search_query_top" to appear
        Then I enter "t-shirt" to the "Main search bar"
        And Click on "Search Button" with the "xpath" of "id('searchbox')/button"
        And Wait for "First Result Element" with the "xpath" of "id('center_column')/ul/li/div/div[2]/h5/a" to contain text "Faded Short Sleeve T-shirts"
    Scenario: Search for blouse
        Given Navigate to "http://automationpractice.com"
        And Wait for "Main search bar" to appear
        Then I enter "Blouse" to the "Main search bar"
        And Click on "Search Button"
        And Wait for "First Result Element" to contain text "Blouse"
  • The first scenario "Search for t-shirt" is using what we call the CodeSpecJS Detailed Grammar (Ex: And Wait for "Main search bar" with the "id" of "search_query_top" to appear). Here, we are instructing CodeSpecJS to look for an UI element in the DOM model with an "id" value of "search_query_top" and to add it to the system object repository with a unique identifier "Search for t-shirt".
  • Once we specify a page object using the detailed grammar, we can refer to it directly using the element key (or the unique identifier) for all the future tests.
  • Note that detailed grammar is only necessary if you don't specify the page objects using an object repository. Click here to know more about how to create object repositories.
  • This is a standard Cucumber feature specification file.
  • We are using CodeSpecJS pre-defined grammar to write the test above. A full set of Supported grammar with detail description can be found here

Thats it, you are now ready to run the test. Note that we haven't written any code We just used a set of well defined Gherkin grammar to specify what we want to do. Please refer to Supported Grammar to a full set of grammar you can use in your tests.

Step 5: Running the test

Inside the project root folder, issue the following command

npm run test

Note that first time execution may take few minutes since system need to download browser drivers and configure them You should see your test executed in Chrome browser, Results will be shown in your console log. A detailed HTML report is generated under <project_root>/results/reports. Open the html report and see the detailed results.

Where to go from here?

  1. Improve the tests you wrote here by learning how to integrate an Object Repository
  2. See what are the other pre-defined CodeSpecJS grammar you can use in your tests and experiment with them
  3. Learn how to integrate your test project with Jenkins (a proven Continuos Integration environment )
  4. Improve your productivity even more by configuring your IDE to auto complete CodeSpecJs Grammar

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