```bash git clone $REPO_URL $PROJECT_DIR cd $PROJECT_DIR yarn install yarn test ```
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$ cnpm install talloc 
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yarn install
yarn test


Goal: maximize production Goal (precise): maximize count of new objects over time period under the following conditions: objects must pass validation, time period is static Transformation: Input: world state + available transformations Output: messages for actors

  • Different starting parameters of each actor
  • Changing environment


  • Should we use Errors to create tasks? (?) = But we won't be able to pull multiple tasks for different actors = But do we need that?
  • Functions or Functors? (Functors) = Functors support context = Functions can accept context as last argument = Functions can accept context via .apply() = Functors support multiple calls = Functors support states (may be necessary, may be not) = Functors support "blueprinting" via inheritance (e.g. SendAirdropMessage extends SendMessage) = Functors support simple helper calls via inheritance (no need to import them)
  • What to return from materializers? (null + run manually) ~ Blueprints = But may not be able to return full objects due to validation = But will have to generate tasks in parent functor ~ Tasks or Objects ~ null + execute tasks manually = And may be better flow control = And explicit

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