Stylis plugin/middleware for running stylelint
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$ cnpm install stylis-plugin-stylelint 
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Run stylelint as a Stylis plugin. The plugin runs against the CSS content during the -1 stage.


import stylis from 'stylis'
import stylelintPlugin from 'stylis-plugin-stylelint'

stylis.use(stylelintPlugin(/* options */))



Whether to throw an error from the plugin if stylelint finds any errors.

Default: false


Whether to strip indentation from the CSS string before linting. Uses the strip-indent module.

Default: true


The stylelint formatter to use.

Default: 'string'


A custom function to add options to the object passed to stylelint. The result will be merged with (and will overwrite) existing options set by this plugin.

The function is called with a meta object with values from stylis:

{ selectors, parent, line, column, length }

Default: undefined


If failOnError is false but there is an error, this function will be called with the results. You can use this to extract the errors that occurred and report them in a nicer way without throwing.

Default: undefined

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