Stringify an array or object of github shorthand url objects returned from `parse-github-short-url(s)`
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$ cnpm install stringify-github-short-urls 
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stringify-github-short-urls The MIT License

Stringify array of parse-github-short-url objects to shorthand.

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npm i stringify-github-short-urls --save


For more use-cases see the tests

const stringifyGithubShortUrls = require('stringify-github-short-urls')


Stringify object or list of arguments to Github / npm shorthand.


  • <owner> {Array|String|Object}: user or org string, or object, array of objects
  • [name] {String}: repo name
  • [branch] {String}: branch name
  • [npm] {String}: pass true if you want to generate npm shorthand
  • returns {String}: generated shorthand


const gh = require('stringify-github-short-urls')

// same as `stringify-github-short-url`
gh('jonschlinkert', 'micromatch')          // => ['jonschlinkert/micromatch']
gh('jonschlinkert', 'micromatch', 'dev')   // => ['jonschlinkert/micromatch#dev']
gh('gulpjs', 'gulp', 'v3.8.1', true)       // => ['gulpjs/gulp@v3.8.1']
  owner: 'tunnckoCore',
  name: 'parse-function'
}) // => ['tunnckoCore/parse-function']
  user: 'assemble',
  repo: 'assemble-core'
}) // => ['assemble/assemble-core']

// or accept arrays of objects that are passed to `stringify-github-short-url`
  {owner: 'assemble', name: 'assemble-core'},
  {owner: 'jonschlinkert', name: 'micromatch', branch: 'dev'}
]) // => ['assemble/assemble-core', 'jonschlinkert/micromatch#dev']


  • gitclone-cli: Git clone github repository with pattern like user/repo#branch
  • parse-function: Parse a function, arrow function or string to object with name, args, params and body properties.
  • parse-github-short-url: Parse a github/npm shorthand (user/repo#branch or user/repo@version) URL into an object.
  • parse-github-url: Parse a github URL into an object.
  • stringify-github-short-url: Generate Github / npm shorthand from list of arguments or object.


Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.
But before doing anything, please read the guidelines.

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