A Duplex stream inspired by the unix [more]( command.
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$ cnpm install stream-more 
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A Duplex stream inspired by the unix more command.

Pipe in a very long stream, and more will only let through a bit when you tell it to.

Real-world example: If you're looking at a feed of content in a Web Component, your upstream data stream may be a billion items long (or infinite). But you only want to let an initial number through. And when the user clicks 'show more', you want to let through N more, then hold again.

Backpressure ftw.

Note: This library is intended to work in both node and the browser. It also works with both streams2 and streams3.


  • More streams have a .setGoal(number) method that sets the goal of how much it should let through before holding
  • they emit a hold event when they have data to emit, but aren't because their goal is 0. Call .setGoal(N) to continue letting data through
// Construct like any other stream
var more = new require('stream-more')({
    objectMode: true,
    // initial goal to let through
    goal: 1
more.on('data', function (d) {
    console.log('more let through:', d);
more.on('hold', function () {
    console.log('more is holding');

// pipe a very long, high-velocity stream to more
// e.g.
var infiniteStream = cycle([1,2,3]).pipe(more);
// more let through: 1
// more is holding

// more let through: 2
// more let through: 3
// more let through: 1
// more is holding

make commands

  • make build - will npm install and bower install
  • make dist - will use r.js optimizer to compile the source, UMD wrap, and place that and source maps in dist/
  • make clean
  • make server - serve the repo over http
  • make deploy [env={*prod,uat,qa}] - Deploy to lfcdn, optionally specifying a bucket env

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