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$ cnpm install scratch-svg-renderer 
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Greenkeeper badge A class built for importing SVGs into Scratch. Imports an SVG string to a DOM element or an HTML canvas. Handles some of the quirks with Scratch 2.0 SVGs, which sometimes misreport their width, height and view box.


This requires you to have Git and Node.js installed.

To install as a dependency for your own application:

npm install scratch-svg-renderer

To set up a development environment to edit scratch-svg-renderer yourself:

git clone
cd scratch-svg-renderer
npm install

How to include in a Node.js App

import SvgRenderer from 'scratch-svg-renderer';

var svgRenderer = new SvgRenderer();
svgRenderer.fromString(svgData, callback);


We provide Scratch free of charge, and want to keep it that way! Please consider making a donation to support our continued engineering, design, community, and resource development efforts. Donations of any size are appreciated. Thank you!

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