A carefully crafted simple toolbar for React
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$ cnpm install react-simple-toolbar 
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A carefully crafted toolbar for React

No support for overflowing items


$ npm install react-simple-toolbar --save


var Toolbar = require('react-simple-toolbar')
var Region  = Toolbar.Region


    <Region flex={2}>
            <Region align="center">Import from CSV</Region>
            <Region align="center">Import from Excel</Region>


//second example
    <Region align="left">

    <Region align="right">

Props (for Toolbar.Region)

  • align: String - either 'left', 'right' or 'center'

If you don't specify an align, here is how it will behave:

  • if you only have 1 region in the toolbar, it will align 'left'
  • if you have 2 regions in the toolbar, the first will align 'left', the second will align 'right'
  • if you have 3 regions, they will align 'left', 'center' and 'right'

If you have no region in the toolbar, one will be created by default and will contain all toolbar children.

  • flex: Number/String


See changelog


Use Github issues for feature requests and bug reports.

We actively welcome pull requests.

For setting up the project locally, use:

$ git clone
$ cd react-simple-toolbar
$ npm install
$ npm serve # to start http server
$ npm dev   * to start webpack-dev-server

Now navigate to localhost:9091

Before building a new version, make sure you run

$ npm run build

which compiles the src folder (which contains jsx files) into the lib folder (only valid EcmaScript 5 files).



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