it is like a webserver for your georeferenced rasterdocuments, but it understands the OGC WMS standard (a kind of)
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$ cnpm install rasterfari 
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Once in a while there is a need for an OGC WMS compliant service that serves a folder (or structure) of georeferenced documents (GeoTIFF as a first step).

What it is not

What it is

  • it is like a webserver for your rasterdocuments, but it understands the OGC WMS standard (a kind of)
  • it serves portions of the selected file according to the area the request is made
  • it serves different resolutions of the selected file according to the size the request is made
  • it serves multiple documents in one request

What can i do with it

  • if you know what document you want to show and you want to display it in a map context (e.g. in a WMS client) you should definetly give it a try


  • based on node.js (>= 5.3.0)
  • packed with npm (>= 3.3.12)
  • uses GDAL 1.11.3
  • uses ImageMagick 6.9.2-8

installation with

git clone https://github.com/cismet/rasterfari.git
cd rasterfari
npm install


Just edit the config.json

    "workers": 20,
    "tmpFolder": "./tmp/",
    "keepFilesForDebugging": false,
    "speechComments": false,
    "//interpolation_alternatives": "near,average,bilinear,cubic,cubicspline,lanczos" 
  • workers: numbers of parallel instances waiting for requests
  • tmpFolder: the folder where rasterfari stores its inbetweens
  • keepFilesForDebugging: keep the inbetweens
  • customExtensions: the file with custom js extensions
  • speechComments: if turned on, and a saycommand is available on your system (Mac OS) rasterfari will talk about its work
  • interpolation: selects the interpolation algorithm used by gdal


npm start


a single document with a proper bounding box to show the whole dosument,5678438.990322266,374123.7498055822,5678702.54671875&WIDTH=870&HEIGHT=483&LAYERS=exampleDocs/B106_DBA.tif


three documents with the same bounding box show only parts of the added documents,5678438.990322266,374123.7498055822,5678702.54671875&WIDTH=870&HEIGHT=483&LAYERS=exampleDocs/B106_DBA.tif,exampleDocs/B911_DBA_Teil1.tif,exampleDocs/B911_DBA_Teil2.tif


Rastaman icon from http://www.kameleon.pics/free-icons-pack.html

The example docs are from the Stadtverwaltung Wuppertal. Thanks so much.

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