SparkFun's RaspiRobot control for Node.js
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$ cnpm install raspirobot 
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A Node.js library to control SparkFun's RaspiRobot board.

Based on GpiO by EnotionZ.


You will need node.js installed on your Raspberry Pi to use this library. You can install node.js on Raspbian using apt-get install nodejs as root.

raspirobot is an npm package, so you can use the following to install it;

npm install raspirobot


Standard Usage

var robot = require("raspirobot"); // Import the library
robot.setup(); // Set up GPIO ports

robot.setLED(1, 1); // Turn on LED 1
robot.setMotor("left", 1); // Turn on the left motor
robot.setMotor("right", 1, 1); // Turn on the right motor


var robot = require("raspirobot"); // Import the library
robot.setup(); // Set up GPIO ports

robot.setSwitchCallback(1, function(value) // Set the switch callback to a function
	console.log("Switch changed to "+value); // Output the new value of the switch

Including this in your package If you want to use raspirobot in your package, add raspirobot => 0.1.1 to your dependancies


A list of all the available raspirobot methods can be found below

setup() - Sets up the GPIO ports for SparkFun's RaspiRobot board.

setGPIO(gpio) - Set the GPIO variable to be used (needs to be functionally identical to the default library).

getGPIO() - Get the GPIO variable being used.

setMotor(side, value, [direction]) - Set the motor to on or off (1 or 0) using an optional motor direction.

getMotor(side) - Returns information about the motor in the format {"on": true, "direction": 0}.

setLED(led, value) - Set the LED to on or off (1 or 0).

getLED(led) - Returns the LEDs current value (1 or 0).

setOC(oc, value) - Set the OC to on or off (1 or 0).

getOC(oc) - Returns the OCs current value (1 or 0).

setSwitchCallback(switch, callback) - Adds a callback to the switch that is called on value change.

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