Simple node utility to do Git things in the current directory.
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$ cnpm install quick-git-hits 
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Very small utilites for some common Git activities that you might want to automate during a Node workflow. Utterly without rhyme or reason in terms of what is included. Work in progress. Don't use. Don't even continue reading. What are you doing here? You definitely want nodegit and not this. It's big and featureful and who doesn't want that.


  • Node 0.10 (works in io.js i'm sure)
  • Git 1.5 or later if you want more metadata than "git is not installed"


var quickGitHits = require('quick-git-hits');

This object has some static methods on it.

quickGitHits.detectDirectory(dir, cb)

Get some metadata about the passed directory, including:

  • Whether Git is installed on the system (in the PATH that is)
  • Whether the current directory is inside a Git repository
  • The canonical remote URL for that repository
var detectGit = require('detect-git');

quickGitHits.detectDirectory( process.cwd(), function(err, metadata) {
    if (err) throw err;
    if (metadata.gitInstalled) {
        console.log('Git is installed! Good job.')
    if (metadata.inGitRepo) {
        console.log('The current directory is inside a Git working tree. Go crazy!')
    if (metadata.repositoryUrl) {
        console.log('The canonical remote for this repository is ' + metadata.repositoryUrl);


  • dir (string) A directory, often just process.cwd().

  • cb (function) A callback. The callback will be called Node-style, with any errors as the first argument, and with a plain object with up to three properties as the second:

  • gitInstalled true if Git was found in the path

  • inGitRepo true if the current directory is in a Git repo (does not determine whether the current dir is in the index, though)

  • repositoryUrl Commonly a repo has one and only one remote. This will be the URL. Under other circumstances it'll just be the URL of the first remote to be added.

quickGitHits.createRepoInDirectory(dir, opts, cb)

Create a repository in the passed directory. If opts.repositoryUrl is specified, add the specified URL as the remote origin.

var detectGit = require('detect-git');

quickGitHits.createRepoInDirectory( process.cwd(), { repositoryUrl: 'zetlen/quick-git-hits' }, function(err) {
    if (err) throw err;
    console.log('Repo created. Enjoy!');


  • dir (string) A directory, often just process.cwd().
  • options (object) An object of options. The following properties work:
    • repositoryUrl (string) The URL to a remote repository that the new local repo should set as a remote.
  • cb (function) A callback. The callback will be called Node-style, with any errors as the first argument. If the first argument is null, you win.


ISC, which you'll have to look up. Beats the heck out of me.

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