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$ cnpm install promiseland-webframework 
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makes it incredibly simple to create a webapp using only promiseland modules.
you dont have to take care of the html part at all.

you can of course use as many classical js modules as you want.


  var Fw = require ("promiseland-webframework");
  var fw = new Fw({
    load: "app/app",
    dirs: [{
      client: "/app",
      server: __dirname + "/app/"
    css: "mycssfile.css"

the example above will create a http server.
the directory app will be routed to the web under /app.
on the client the module "app/app" will be loaded.
a framename server is available on the client side and a framename client on the server side.
the server listens on port 3000.


Fw takes a configuration parameter.

  var Fw = require ("promiseland-webframework");
  var fw = new Fw(<config>);

the configuration options are:

  • requireConfig
    simply the config object passed to requirejs on the client side. make sure it can be json-stringified. the package configuration for promiseland will be added automatically.
  • load
    string / array
    the module / modules to load on client side
  • loadOnConnect
    string / array
    the module / modules to load on client side as soon as the first successful connection is established. This is useful if you want to use the frame "server" right away.
  • singleScriptFile
    if given, this script will be included instead of requirejs. Make sure you include a amd loader in the file. You can use this to load builds created with r.js or other build systems.
  • dirs
    directories served to the client. express["static"] is used to serve them. each entry in the array is a object containing a "server" and a "client" property giving the path to the directory on each side.
    3 predefined directories exist: /promiseland; /requirejs; /frameworkClient also defines its resource. pls refer to the docu.
  • css a string or a array of strings of the css files you want to load in your webapp

the return value:
new Fw creates a object that contains the following properties:

  • app
    the express app
  • http
    the http server object
  • config the config object
  • clientProfile the client frame profile. (name is subject to change)
  • socketio the object

the return value also contains a listen method that you must pass a port number parameter.

##sum it up

you wont need any of the return values to create a simple app with client / server interaction.
simply create a Framework object with your desired directories to be served and go.

have a look at test.pland in the root directory for a simple demo.

if you are using the framework from javascript (non promiseland) you might get a promise when you do the require. simply call .then on it with a callback and you get the framework object.


you can use it as a template for your webapp. yes you can use it for commercial products. the copyright belongs to matthias behrens. the framework is licenced under the bsd licence. promiseland is licenced under lgplv3

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