given several glsl files as input, produce a require'able JS module exporting a program object as output
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$ cnpm install programify 
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transform glsl files into a require'able JS module -- requires the resulting module to have programify on path.

programify [-v|--vertex vertex file] [-f|--fragment fragment file] [-h|--help] file, file...

  turn a series of glsl files into a `require`-able JS module.

  outputs the program on stdout.


    --vertex path, -v path    consider the file a vertex shader, and include it
                              in the output. 

    --fragment path, -f path  consider the file a fragment shader, and include it
                              in the output.


when you require the resulting module, you'll get a function taking a WebGLContext as an argument -- and when executed, will return a Program object with linked uniforms, attributes, and a program handle.

all uniforms will be available on the program as program.uniforms.<name> as getter/setter objects. supports structs, lists, and all builtin types. you can even set all of the uniforms at once using an object literal!


npm install -g programify



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