Execute callbacks when child processes are spawned
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$ cnpm install process-on-spawn 
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Execute callbacks when child processes are spawned.


'use strict';

const processOnSpawn = require('process-on-spawn');
processOnSpawn.addListener(opts => {
  opts.env.CHILD_VARIABLE = 'value';


  • options <Object>
    • execPath <string> The command to run.
    • args <string[]> Arguments of the child process.
    • cwd <string> Current working directory of the child process.
    • detached <boolean> The child will be prepared to run independently of its parent process.
    • uid <number> The user identity to be used by the child.
    • gid <number> The group identity to be used by the child.
    • windowsVerbatimArguments <boolean> No quoting or escaping of arguments will be done on Windows.
    • windowsHide <boolean> The subprocess console window that would normally be created on Windows systems will be hidden.

All properties except env are read-only.


Add a listener to be called after any listeners already attached.


Insert a listener to be called before any listeners already attached.


Remove the specified listener. If the listener was added multiple times only the first is removed.


Remove all attached listeners.

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