Create powerful slideshows for talks and presentations. Each "slide" is a JS function that can do *anything*.
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$ cnpm install power-slides 
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Create powerful slideshows for talks and presentations. Each "slide" is a JS function that can do anything.

If you only want a couple features while keeping the full power of JS, this might help you. This will:

  • NEW "Presenter Mode": View slide notes on your phone + remote control
  • Let you use arrow keys for going forward or back
  • Let you jump to any slide by number in the url hash
  • Keep the url hash synced with the slide you're on
  • Run the slide's function each time you navigate to it


var PS = require('power-slides')

// Starts the show: left/right arrows to go forward/back
PS.start(document.body, [
  // A "slide" can simply be text
  'Introducing power-slides',

  // When an array, the first item is the "slide" and the rest are notes
  [ 'I am a Title',
    'This is note only viewable in presenter mode',
    '...and so is this' ],

  // power-slides has a helper for images
  [ PS.image('/example/fist-bump.gif'),
    'By default, the image is full-screen',
    'It does this by using the "cover" background-size method' ],

  // there's also a helper for video
    PS.video('/example/spin.mp4', {
      loop: false,
      muted: false,
      controls: false,
      size: 'contain' // or 'cover'
    'By default the video will not loop, show controls, nor be muted',
    '...but that can be changed easily'

  // if you want to get fancy, pass in a function
  function (slideContainer) {
    // your function will receive the slide container as an argument
    // we'll clear it out and add a "typewriter" effect
    slideContainer.innerHTML = ''

    var el = document.createElement('h1')
    el.style.fontFamily = 'monospace'

    var letters = ('Custom effects!').split('')

    var interval = setInterval(function () {
      var letter = letters.shift()
      if (!letter) return clearInterval(interval)

      el.innerHTML += letter
    }, 250)

Edit example/index.js and run npm run example to try it out in your browser.


PS.start(el, slideFns)

This will start the slideshow with the specified element (usually document.body) and array of slide functions.

Each item in the array will be text or a "slide helper" like PS.image or PS.video (explained below), a DOM element, or a function that receives the container element as an argument.

var slideshow = PS.start(document.body, [
  // basic large text

  // or your own function
  function (slide) {
    var el = document.createElement('h1')
    el.innerHTML = 'Custom Slide!'

    slide.innerHTML = ''

PS.image(url[, backgroundSize])

Standard "big image". By default backgroundSize is "cover". Depending on the image you might want to use "contain". For more info see background-size on MDN.

PS.video(url[, videoOptions])

Standard "big movie". Default options are {loop: false, muted: false, controls: false, size: 'contain'}



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