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$ cnpm install plugin-auth 
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Auth commands for sfdx

Everything past here is only a suggestion as to what should be in your specific plugin's descsription.

Getting Started

To use, install the Salesforce CLI and run the following commands.

Verify the CLI is installed
  $ sfdx (-v | --version)
Install the @salesforce/plugin-auth plugin
  $ sfdx plugins:install @salesforce/plugin-auth
To run a command
  $ sfdx [command]

To build the plugin locally, make sure to have yarn installed and run the following commands:

Clone the repository
  $ git clone
Install the dependencies and compile
  $ yarn install
  $ yarn prepack
Link your plugin to the sfdx cli
  $ sfdx plugins:link .
To verify
  $ sfdx plugins


sfdx hello:org [-n <string>] [-f] [-v <string>] [-u <string>] [--apiversion <string>] [--json] [--loglevel trace|debug|info|warn|error|fatal|TRACE|DEBUG|INFO|WARN|ERROR|FATAL]

print a greeting and your org IDs

  $ sfdx hello:org [-n <string>] [-f] [-v <string>] [-u <string>] [--apiversion <string>] [--json] [--loglevel

  -f, --force                                                                       example boolean flag
  -n, --name=name                                                                   name to print

  -u, --targetusername=targetusername                                               username or alias for the target
                                                                                    org; overrides default target org

  -v, --targetdevhubusername=targetdevhubusername                                   username or alias for the dev hub
                                                                                    org; overrides default dev hub org

  --apiversion=apiversion                                                           override the api version used for
                                                                                    api requests made by this command

  --json                                                                            format output as json

  --loglevel=(trace|debug|info|warn|error|fatal|TRACE|DEBUG|INFO|WARN|ERROR|FATAL)  [default: warn] logging level for
                                                                                    this command invocation

  $ sfdx hello:org --targetusername --targetdevhubusername
     Hello world! This is org: MyOrg and I will be around until Tue Mar 20 2018!
     My hub org id is: 00Dxx000000001234

  $ sfdx hello:org --name myname --targetusername
     Hello myname! This is org: MyOrg and I will be around until Tue Mar 20 2018!

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