Nuget library wrapper for Node.js
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$ cnpm install nuget-in-path 
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This is a fork of

The only difference is that this package will attempt to use the locally installed version of NuGet before fallbacking to the one shipped with this package.

Nuget library wrapper for Node.js.

This library uses Vinyl files for flexibility and Gulp compatibility.

Raw usage

nuget = require 'nuget'

nuget.pack 'package.nuspec', (err, nupkg_file) ->
  throw err if err

  nuget.push nupkg_file, (err) ->
    throw err if err

    console.log "Successfully pushed #{nupkg_file.path}"

Gulp usage

gulp = require 'gulp'
gutil = require 'gulp-util'
es = require 'event-stream'
nuget = require 'nuget'

nugetGulp = -> (file, callback) ->
  nuget.pack file, (err, nupkg_file) ->
    return callback(err) if err
    nuget.push nupkg_file, (err) -> if err then gutil.log(err) else callback()


Configuring Nuget

Add the '' source to your Nuget config file

$ mono nuget.exe sources add -name "" -source ""

Add the credentials for your source

$ mono nuget.exe setApiKey {YOUR_API_KEY} -source

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