generate a change log from git commits, including those of updated npm dependencies, recursively
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$ cnpm install npm-recursive-git-log 
SYNC missed versions from official npm registry.


Generate a change log from git commits, including those of updated npm dependencies, recursively. See How Does It Work? for more info.


npm install -g npm-recursive-git-log

or use it without installing via npx (available since npm 5.2.0)

npx npm-recursive-git-log [...args]

CLI Usage

npm-recursive-git-log --from 10.0.0 --to 10.1.0 NPM-PACKAGE-NAME
  • --from and --to are any published npm versions or dist-tags
  • --to defaults to latest
  • the positional parameter can also be given as --package
  • --format may be specified as either markdown (the default) or json

Sample Output

$ npm-recursive-git-log npm --from 5.5.0 --to 5.6.0

See the markdown-format output example.

API Usage

let npmrgl = require('npm-recursive-git-log').default;
let changelog = await npmrgl('NPM-PACKAGE-NAME', '1.0.0', 'latest');

The API returns a Changelog object of the form

interface Changelog {
  startPackageChange : DependencyChange;
  dependencyUpdates : [DependencyUpdate];

interface DependencyUpdate {
  pkg : string;

interface DependencyAddition extends DependencyUpdate {
  version : string;

interface DependencyChange extends DependencyUpdate {
  old : string;
  new : string;
  logEntries : [LogEntry];

interface DependencyDowngrade extends DependencyUpdate {
  old : string;
  new : string;

interface DependencyRemoval extends DependencyUpdate {
  version : string;

class LogEntry {
  hash : string;
  subject : string;
  author : string;

How Does It Work?

npm-recursive-git-log clones the git repo (as specified in package.json) of a package and searches for tags matching the given versions (or versions resolved from dist-tags). If the repo does not have these tags, npm-recursive-git-log instead uses the publish dates of the given versions of the package to bound its git log output. As implied by the name, npm-recursive-git-log uses npm to fetch the dependency list of the project as it was at the given versions, and repeats this process recursively for all upgraded/added dependencies.


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Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
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See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.

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