Nostlan is a front-end launcher for video game emulators!
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Nostlan is an open source high quality front-end launcher for video game emulators! Available on Linux, macOS, and Windows. Systems supported: Arcade, DS, GBA, 3DS, PS2, PS3, SNES, Switch, Wii, Wii U, and Xbox 360. Emulators supported: bsnes, Cemu, Citra, Dolphin, DeSmuME, MAME, melonDS, mGBA, PCSX2, RPCS3, Ryujinx, Xenia, and Yuzu.

Download Nostlan and if you enjoy the app please make a donation, any amount is appreciated. Support the development of Nostlan on patreon to gain access to premium features!

A what? What's a "frontend launcher"?

A front-end or user interface (UI) is the presentation and interaction layer of an app or website. Most modern emulator apps have basic game list UIs that you can use to select games to play using a mouse/keyboard but not a game controller.

Nostlan is like the part of Netflix where you choose a movie to watch but for your game libraries. It's a fullscreen media viewer that identifies your games and downloads box art for them. You can interact with it using a mouse or game controller! Unlike other popular front-end launchers for video game emulators, Nostlan has a sleek, minimalistic design that prioritizes box art, not a bunch of text and metadata. Check out the screenshots below!


  • unified UI for mouse/gamepad interaction
  • designed for UHD displays and projectors
  • checks multiple database sites for the highest quality box art
  • nostalgic UI themes for each supported console
  • uses individual emulators: no cores and no controller input transfer lag
  • most controllers connect to Nostlan automatically, no setup required
  • Xbox One, PS4 Dualshock, and Switch Pro controllers all supported
  • gamecube controller adapter supported with gca-js
  • cross-platform support for Linux, macOS, and Windows
  • advanced customization: edit launch commands
  • [PREMIUM FEATURE] backup/sync all your save data to the cloud or local storage device

Supported Systems and Emulators

(click an image to see it in full quality 4K)

Wii, Gamecube, Virtual Console [Dolphin]

Wii U [Cemu]

Switch [Yuzu, Ryujinx]

3DS [Citra]

SNES [bsnes, snes9x]

DS [melonDS, DeSmuME]

Arcade Machines [MAME]

GBA [mGBA, Visual Boy Advance]



Xbox 360 [Xenia]

Get premium features by supporting the development of Nostlan!

Patreon supporters get premium features for only $1 a month!

  • backup/sync game saves to the cloud or local storage device
  • unlock alternate UI theme color palettes
  • custom UI theming, lets you change the intro loading screens and make your own color palettes

Even though I decided to make this project open source and free to use, it still took a lot of work and a long time to develop. If you appreciate my work so far and will continue to use the app please support its development. Thank you!

Features that might be offered in the future:

  • support for your PC game libraries! (Origin, Steam, Epic Games, etc.)

How to access Premium Features

Every month, Patreon supporters will be able to see an exclusive post with the monthly donor password unique to that month. When you start Nostlan it will show a donation menu. Select access premium features from the donation menu. Copy the monthly donor password from Patreon and paste it into the donor password input. Select verify password, if the password is correct you will have access to premium features! Passwords are automatically posted each month.

Learn more about Nostlan on the wiki

I've put a good amount of effort into documenting Nostlan on the wiki. I hope you find it helpful! Go to the wiki to find out more info on these topics:

Adaptive Button Mapping
Copyright, Trademark, and Open Source Licensing Info
Custom Themes
Development Info
Game Identification
Hardware Compatibility
How is Nostlan different from other front ends?
Image Names to use for Game Art
Premium Features
Setting up Nostlan
Supported Systems and Emulators
Update Logs
User Preferences
Using Nostlan

Error Reporting

Please report issues and request features on this project's Github and send me an email with your comments, question, suggestions, or if you need any help using the app. :)

Legal Disclaimer

Although Emulation is legal, pirating games you do not own is illegal. Nostlan does not condone piracy. Nostlan is open source software that does not infringe on any copyrights of texture packers, developers, or publishers. Nostlan is not affiliated with Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft. Anyone asking for or sharing information related to digital piracy on this project's Github issues will have their comments removed and flagged.


MAME and the MAME Logo are Copyright © 1997-2019 MAMEDev and contributors. MAME® is a registered trademark of Gregory Ember. Use of the MAME name and logo is done so with the expressed written permission from the trademark owner. For more information, please visit

Nostlan and the Nostlan logo images are Copyright © 2019 Quinton Ashley. The Nostlan logo images are licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International. The template images found in the nostlan-img repository are public domain images using the Public Domain License CC0. The Nostlan software itself is fully open source and licensed under the copyleft GNU GPLv3 license.

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