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Assets and views automatic management system for Nodulator

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Released under GPLv2


Provides ability to Nodulator to render views and auto-load assets in following folders:

  • Nodulator.config.js: array for js (or coffee) files
  • Nodulator.config.css: array for css files
  • Nodulator.config.viewRoot: path for index.jade


  • Automatic js and css assets loading
  • Provides methods for modules to add folders to assets management
  • Provides basic view system (only 'Nodulator.config.viewRoot/index.jade' for the moment)
  • Add a Nodulator.Run() method to be called last for view rendering
  • Add a Nodulator.ExtendBeforeRun() and Nodulator.ExtendAfterRun() method for modules to add instructions at the begining of Run() or just before Render()
  • Add a Nodulator.ExtendBeforeRender() and Nodulator.ExtendAfterRender() method for modules to add instructions at the begining of Render() or just before the actual res.render()
  • CoffeeScript automatic compilation on fly
  • Jade automatic compilation on fly (no other engines yet)



You can automaticaly install Nodulator and Nodulator-Assets by running

$> sudo npm install -g Nodulator
$> Nodulator install assets

Or you can just run npm :

$> npm install nodulator nodulator-assets


Nodulator = require 'nodulator'
Assets = require 'nodulator-assets'

# Default config, can be omited
  viewRoot: 'client'
  js: ['/client/public/js/', '/client/']
  css: ['/client/public/css/']
  engine: 'jade' # no other engines at the moment

Nodulator.Use Assets

# New method, to be called last for rendering

In index.jade, you must always call | !{nodulator()} at the end of the file.

It's there that all Nodulator-Assets magic stuff occur, and the only call you'll ever have to do in views.

Project Generation

See Nodulator's project generation

When calling $> Nodulator init, it will automaticaly create following structure if non-existant:

├── index.jade
└── public
    ├── css
    ├── img
    └── js

Module Hacking

The module is stored in Nodulator.assets and provides following methods :

  # Add folders given in list to assets list
  Nodulator.assets.AddFolder (list) ->

  # Add folders given in list to assets list, the recursive way
  Nodulator.assets.AddFolderRec (list) ->

Exemple of asset list : (paths are relative to project root)

  list =
    '/js/app.js': ['/client/folder1/']
    '/css/app.css': ['/client/public/css/']


  • Test suite
  • Image (and other static assets) management
  • Split assets between head and body tags


XX/XX/XX: Current (not released yet)

  • Added a parameter to view nodulator() function to get a specific set of assets

12/02/15: v0.0.9

  • Added fake tests
  • Updated README

03/01/15: v0.0.8

  • Added Nodulator.ExtendBeforeRender() and Nodulator.ExtendAfterRender() to precisely extend render process.

02/01/15: v0.0.7

  • Updated README

02/01/15: v0.0.6

  • Changed Nodulator.ExtendRunProcess into Nodulator.ExtendBeforeRun
  • Added Nodulator.ExtendAfterRun
  • That fixes cachify_js bug if another render is processed

02/01/15: v0.0.5

  • Added index.jade file generation
  • Changed the way folders are configurated
  • Improved README
  • Files are automaticaly loaded by !{nodulator()} call
  • Added automatic compilation of views

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