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Bourbon Sass Mixin Library

This is a node-sass port of the Bourbon library. If you are looking for the original Ruby/Rails version, you can find it here.

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To install as a development dependency, run:

npm install --save-dev node-bourbon

If you need it in production, replace --save-dev with --save.


Basic Usage

To use node-bourbon with tools like gulp.js, Grunt, or directly with node-sass, provide the path to Bourbon in your Sass config. There are a couple of convenience methods for this, depending on whether you want Sass to include additional directories or not.

with() Function

The with() function will include any additional paths you pass as arguments.

Returns an array of paths.

var bourbon = require('node-bourbon');
// Any of these will return an array of Bourbon paths plus your custom path(s)
bourbon.with('path/to/stylesheets1', 'path/to/stylesheets2')
bourbon.with(['path/to/stylesheets1', 'path/to/stylesheets2'])

includePaths Property

The includePaths property returns an array of Bourbon's paths to use in your config.

var bourbon = require('node-bourbon');
bourbon.includePaths // Array of Bourbon paths

Stylesheet usage

Use either method above with the Sass config for your chosen tool (gulp.js, Grunt, etc.), then it's business as usual for Bourbon in your stylesheet:

@import "bourbon";

gulp.js Usage

Using the gulp-sass plugin.

var gulp = require('gulp');
var sass = require('gulp-sass');

gulp.task('sass', function () {
      // includePaths: require('node-bourbon').with('other/path', 'another/path')
      // - or -
      includePaths: require('node-bourbon').includePaths

Grunt Usage

Using grunt-sass

The grunt-sass task uses node-sass (LibSass) underneath, and is the recommended way to use Grunt with node-bourbon.

Example config:

  sass: {
    dist: {
      options: {
        // includePaths: require('node-bourbon').with('other/path', 'another/path')
        // - or -
        includePaths: require('node-bourbon').includePaths
      files: {
        'path/to/output.css': 'path/to/input.scss'

Using grunt-contrib-sass

If you are using the Ruby version of Sass with node-bourbon, then you will need to use the grunt-contrib-sass task instead.

Note that node-bourbon is NOT tested against the Ruby version – only against LibSass.

Example config:

  sass: {
    dist: {
      options: {
        // loadPath: require('node-bourbon').with('other/path', 'another/path')
        // - or -
        loadPath: require('node-bourbon').includePaths
      files: {
        'path/to/output.css': 'path/to/input.scss'

node-sass Usage

Using it directly with node-sass.

var sass    = require('node-sass')
var bourbon = require('node-bourbon');

  file: './application.scss',
  success: function(css){
  error: function(error) {
  // includePaths: bourbon.with('other/path', 'another/path'),
  // - or -
  includePaths: bourbon.includePaths,
  outputStyle: 'compressed'

Getting Help

Feel free to tweet me with questions @iamlacroix, or open a ticket on GitHub.


node-bourbon is tested against the examples provided in the Bourbon documentation. The tests check for compile errors, so if a feature compiles but the expected output is incorrect, be sure to open a ticket.

Run the tests with:

make test


This node-sass port is maintained by Michael LaCroix, however all credits for the Bourbon library go to thoughtbot, inc:


Bourbon is maintained and funded by thoughtbot, inc

The names and logos for thoughtbot are trademarks of thoughtbot, inc.

Got questions? Need help? Tweet at @phillapier.


node-bourbon is Copyright © 2013-2014 Michael LaCroix. It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the LICENSE file.

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