Provides a component for rendering openmrs forms. However it is generic enough for use outside openmrs
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$ cnpm install ng2-openmrs-formentry 
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Angular 2 openmrs formentry

Quick Start

  • CLone the repo
$ cd ng2-opemmrs-formentry

$ npm install

# start the demo server of the seed library
$ npm start

go to http://localhost:8080 in your browser.

Now get to work adding your awesome feature.


An angular library for openmrs formentry

Table of Contents

Getting Started


What you need to run this seed:

  • node and npm (Use NVM)
  • Ensure you're running Node (v4.1.x+) and NPM (2.14.x+)

It will start a local demo server using webpack-dev-server which will watch, build (in-memory), and reload for you. The port will be displayed to you as http://localhost:8080.


Build files

  • single run: npm run build
  • build files and watch: npm run watch


1. Unit Tests

  • single run: npm test
  • live mode (TDD style): npm run test-watch

2. End-to-End Tests (aka. e2e, integration)

  • single run:
    • in a tab, if not already running!: npm start
    • in a new tab: npm run webdriver-start
    • in another new tab: npm run e2e
  • interactive mode:
    • instead of the last command above, you can run: npm run e2e-live
    • when debugging or first writing test suites, you may find it helpful to try out Protractor commands without starting up the entire test suite. You can do this with the element explorer.
    • you can learn more about Protractor Interactive Mode here


You can generate api docs (using TypeDoc) for your code with the following:

npm run docs




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