A Koa scaffolding generator for JSON REST APIs
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$ cnpm install mu-koan-generator -g
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mu-kōän-generator 公案-ジェネレータ

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$ npm i -g mu-koan-generator


To get started with a Koa 2.0.0+ REST JSON API use the command line executable mu-koan(1) to generate an application as shown:

  • Create the application:
$ mkdir my-awesome-api && cd my-awesome-api
$ mu-koan

info: [mu-koan]    Creating project "my-awesome-api" into [/home/you/dev/my-awesome-api]
info: [mu-koan]    Created /home/you/dev/my-awesome-api
info: [mu-koan]    Created /home/you/dev/my-awesome-api/.editorconfig
info: [mu-koan]    Created /home/you/dev/my-awesome-api/.eslintrc
info: [mu-koan]    Created /home/you/dev/my-awesome-api/.gitignore
info: [mu-koan]    Created /home/you/dev/my-awesome-api/app
info: [mu-koan]    Created /home/you/dev/my-awesome-api/app.js
info: [mu-koan]    Created /home/you/dev/my-awesome-api/app/config
info: [mu-koan]    Created /home/you/dev/my-awesome-api/app/config/index.js
info: [mu-koan]    Created /home/you/dev/my-awesome-api/app/config/properties.json
info: [mu-koan]    Created /home/you/dev/my-awesome-api/app/logger.js
info: [mu-koan]    Created /home/you/dev/my-awesome-api/app/routes
info: [mu-koan]    Created /home/you/dev/my-awesome-api/app/routes/status.js
info: [mu-koan]    Created /home/you/dev/my-awesome-api/app/server.js
info: [mu-koan]    Created /home/you/dev/my-awesome-api/build.json
info: [mu-koan]    Created /home/you/dev/my-awesome-api/gulpfile.js

This will run npm init and npm install after generating the initial scaffolding.

  • Fire it up:
$ npm start

[12:59:48] Using gulpfile ~/dev/js/my-awesome-api/gulpfile.js
[12:59:48] Starting 'default'...
[12:59:48] Starting 'eslint'...
[12:59:49] Finished 'eslint' after 736 ms
[12:59:49] Starting 'nodemon'...
2016-07-22 12:59:49,648 - info: [my-awesome-api] Starting and configuring Koa server
2016-07-22 12:59:49,662 - info: [my-awesome-api] Configuring routes for [/api/status]
2016-07-22 12:59:49,671 - info: [my-awesome-api] ✔ Koa server listening on [development]

  • Check everything's working as expected by requesting /api/status. In a new terminal session, run:
$ curl http://localhost:3000/api/status
  "success": true,
  "name": "my-awesome-api",
  "version": "1.0.0-dev",
  "timestamp": "Jul 19, 2016 4:31 PM",
  "process": {
    "platform": "linux",
    "pid": 24238,
    "mem": {
      "rss": 49418240,
      "heapTotal": 34317856,
      "heapUsed": 23951544

You can change or remove the /api namespace by modifying "koa.routes.prefix" option on app/config/properties.json or by starting the API with npm start -- --koa.routes.prefix foo.

Command line interface

Usage: mu-koan [-f --force] [-v]

  -h, --help     Show help                                             [boolean]
  -v, --verbose  Sets the verbosity level for log messages               [count]
  -V, --version  Show version number                                   [boolean]
  --name                                            [default: (generated-value)]


Along with a working webserver, the generator creates some common files that feature additional functionality or help you follow standard practices, such as:

  • A gulpfile.js with some common tasks like gulp eslint for linting or gulp nodemon to start a nodemon process.
  • Linting rules based on xo-space and semistandard ESLINT configurations.
  • An .editorconfig file.
  • A .gitignore with many common entries (thanks to
  • Includes mu-kōän as a dependency, so you get many helpful Koa middlewares out-of-the-box.
  • Includes mu-kōän-router as a dependency for automatic controller discovery: just drop a .js file under /routes.
  • A readily configured winston logger at app/logger.js.
  • A routes/status.js controller that prints out simple information on the running process on GET /api/status.
  • Stores its configuration on an nconf instance, supporting command line arguments, environment variables and a config/properties.json file as sources.



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