A simple, straightforward build tool implemented in JavaScript
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$ cnpm install mortalbuild 
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A simple, straightforward build tool implemented in JavaScript.

This tool was designed to be the build system for MortalSim libraries and modules, which are generally written in C++, but the tool is generic enough that it could theoretically work with several other languages as well.

Requires Node version >= 6.5


npm install mortalbuild


const MortalBuild = require('mortalbuild');

// MortalBuild simply runs commands on a subprocess. For this it provides a simple
// execution pool to run these commands in parallel. By creating one and providing
// it to each of the build calls, the ExecPool can optimize CPU utilization for
// the build process
var pool = new MortalBuild.ExecPool();

// Create a build definition object (this one uses GCC to build C++ object files)
var buildDef = {
      // File extension for the target file(s) (this will be appended
      // automatically to the target, don't add it to the TPL string!)
      ext: '.o'
      // Command to invoke
      cmd: 'g++'
      // Any includes for various builds
        // Included for all builds
          - 'include/',
          - 'my/other/include/'
        // Included only for dev builds
        dev: 'src/include',
        // Included only for production builds
        prod: 'prod/include',
        // Included only for test builds
          - 'test/include/',
          - 'dep/Catch2/single_include'
      // Any necessary flags for the command
        // Optionally, FLAGS can be defined with ALL:, DEV:, and/or
        // PROD: properties which will cause it to change depending
        // on whether it's a development or production build.

        // These flags will be used for all builds
        all: '-std=c++14 -Iinclude/'
        // These will be used only for dev builds
        dev: '-Wall -Weffc++ -g'
        // These will be used only for production builds
        prod: '-O3'
        // These will be used only for test builds
        test: ''
      // ECMAScript template for the build command. Use ${source}
      // for the source file(s) and ${target} for the target file
      tpl: '${cmd} ${args} -c -o ${target} ${source}'

// Run the build! This returns a promise so you can use it to be
// notified when all build commands are complete{
  execPool: pool,
  buildDef: buildDef,
  dev: true, // use the dev settings
  src: 'src/*',
  targetDir: 'build/'
}).then(() => {
  console.log('Build complete!')


Option Type Default Description
execPool ExecPool ExecPool(os.cpus().length()) ExecPool object for running commands in parallel
buildDef Object Required build definition object (see below)
dev Boolean False Whether to use dev arguments
src String or [String] Source file(s)
target String Target file (if no targetDir provided)
targetDir String or [String] Target file directory (if no target provided)
forceRun Boolean False Forces a run, even if the target is newer than source
execOpts Object {} Options passed to child_process.exec

Build Definition Object

The Build definition object (buildDef in the options above) defines the command to be run. These commands are run via child_process.exec. The options to define these commands are as follows:

Option Type Description
ext String Target file extension
cmd String Command to execute
incl string Include flag string (ex. "-I" for gcc or "/I" for msvc)
includes String or Object Includes to pass to the cmd
args String or Object Arguments to pass to the cmd
tpl String ECMAScript template string for the command.

The tpl template will be compiled at runtime with ${target} set to the target file and ${source} set to the source file(s). The target extension (designated by ext) will be added internally. ${ext} should never be in the template string.

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