NEEO Brain SDK drivers for Mike's living room
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$ cnpm install mikes-living-room 
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Mike's Living Room NEEO Scripts

This is a collection of scripts to make my living room compatible with NEEO. I have a HTPC built from an old hackintosh, an old stereo and a Phillips TV. NEEO binds it together.


  • A Mac
  • VLC
  • iTunes
  • Chrome
  • Node.js > v6
  • A keyboard / mouse
  • A NEEO brain / remote combo


  • If you want to run only these drivers, run npm install in this directory.

  • Otherwise, copy the desired folders from lib to wherever your NEEO SDK is running.

  • Either way, the folders in lib need to have npm install also run in them, otherwise they won't work.

  • After that, make sure your NEEO brain is on the same network as your PC.

  • Run npm start

  • Add the 'device' from the NEEO UI


Check out the lib folder. There are:

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