Compiles Markdown to JS modules annotated with Meta:Magical.
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$ cnpm install metamagical-markdown 
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Meta:Magical Markdown

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Compiles Markdown files to JS modules annotated with Meta:Magical.


Write your Markdown file, and optionally add meta-data using an YAML document:

category: Tutorials

# Heading

Text goes here

Compile it:



module.exports = {
  [Symbol.for('@@meta:magical')] = {
    category: 'Tutorials',
    name: 'Heading',
    documentation: '# Heading\n\nText goes here'


The only supported way to install the transform plugin is through npm.

NOTE If you don't have npm yet, you'll need to install Node.js. All newer versions (4+) of Node come with npm.

$ npm install metamagical-markdown


If you think you've found a bug in the project, or want to voice your frustration about using it (maybe the documentation isn't clear enough? Maybe it takes too much effort to use?), feel free to open a new issue in the Github issue tracker.

Pull Requests are welcome. By submitting a Pull Request you agree with releasing your code under the MIT licence.

You can join the Gitter Channel for quick support. You may also contact the author directly through email, or Twitter.

Note that all interactions in this project are subject to Origami Tower's Code of Conduct.


Meta:Magical is copyright (c) Quildreen Motta 2016, and released under the MIT licence. See the LICENCE file in this repository for detailed information.

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