NPM Package which bootstraps Development by creating all required .md files to meet community standards.
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$ cnpm install md-generator 
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CLI tool which bootstraps Development by creating "ALL" required .md files to meet "community standards".

Table of Contents

Project Overview

md-generator was created to reduce the time spent creating .md files while trying to set up projects. Hence, bootstrapping development with ALL desired md files in line with proven community standards.


  • [x] provides interactive file creation
  • [x] provides default templates in all created files (which could be further customized)
  • [x] checks if the minimum community standard is met and recommends the minimum required .md files
  • [x] provides bulk removal of specified .md files
  • [x] provides bulk creation of .md files
  • [x] optional --empty argument to make created files empty if preferred so
  • [x] optional --required to create/check/list only all files needed to meet the minimum community standard


npm install md-generator or globally using npm install -g md-generator

  • you can interact with the package from the npm registry using npx md-generator [command] [options]


install globally using

  • npm : npm i -g md-generator
  • yarn : yarn add -g md-generator

Trigger md-generator using

  • md-generator [parent-options]
  • md-generator [commands] [command-options] [file names]

Parent Options:

Option Function
-V, --version Output the version number
-h, --help Output usage information


Command Function
list [options] [File Names] List All Required/optional .md files
create [options] [File Names] Create All/specific files
check [options] [File Names] Checks codebase for the availability of All/Specific .md files
remove [options] [File Names] Remove All/specific .md files

Command-Options :

Command Option Function
-A, --all Operate on all required/optional .md files
-F, --file Operate on specific .md files
-E, --empty make added files empty
-R --required Operate on required files
-O --optional Operate on optional files


  • File Names can be with/without the file extension
  • multiples File Names should be separated with spaces ie --file "".


Demo Demo

Cli Command Function
md-generator --help displays help (all available command and option)
md-generator list lists all supported .md files
md-generator list --optional lists all supported optional .md files
md-generator list --required lists all required .md files to meet community standard
md-generator check checks code base for existing/missing supported .md files
md-generator check --required checks code base for existing/missing required .md files
md-generator check --optional checks code base for existing/missing optional .md files
md-generator create Interactively Generates all desired files
md-generator create --file " ..." Creates the supplied files
md-generator create --file "file1 file2 ..." --empty creates supplied files with no template
md-generator create --required Interactively create required .md files
md-generator create --optional Interactively create optional .md files
md-generator remove Interactively deletes all desired .md files
md-generator remove --file "file1 file2 ..." Interactively deletes all specified .md files

Known issues

No known issues at the moment. However, issues can be raised when such is noticed


Feel free to contribute and kindly go through the Pull Request guide, and file ???? Clone the repository using . Make Contributions


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Adépòjù Olúwáségun
Adépòjù Olúwáségun

???? ???? ???? ⚠️

This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind are welcome!



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