A markdown editor with math using markdowner
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$ cnpm install mathdown 
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A markdown live editor and renderer with math formulas

Allow to live edit markdown with math (rendered by katex) and to render external markdown page containing math formulas.

Live editor and renderer

There is no common solution to manage math in markdown. Several options are available but none of them offer the elegance, practicality and ease of use that mathdown allows.


mathdown use marked for generating HTML from markdown. Thus mathdown supports CommonMark and Github flavored markdown.


Additionally, mathdown support mathematic formulas using katex. Inline and math mode are supported.

Inline mode:

Let's define the matrix `$A$`.

Math mode:

The projection then is:
$$p=A\hat x$$

The advantage of this solution is that if the markdown engine does not support math rendering, your equations remain readable as text enclosed in <code> blocks.

Run the server

Download the package through npm:

npm install mathdown

or through git

git clone
cd mathdown
npm install

Create a config file:

cat > config.yml << EOF
static_path: static/
port: 8000
template: static/template.mustache
  • static_path points to the static file path.
  • port is the web server port.
  • template is the template used to render external markdown. A sample is provided in the static folder.

Launch the server:

node index.js -c config.yml

Use mathdown

As an editor

Go to the root page of your serveur, and a basic live editor can be used to test markdown with math.

As a renderer

Once you markdown file is hosted somewhere (github, gist, bitbucket, etc), you can render it by passing a url to mathdown:

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